Preparing to Say “Au Revoir” to NYC

The time is finally arriving…

I’m going to Hong Kong and visit parts of southeast China this Tuesday, April 28th for the next two weeks. My bags are packed. My passport and visa is in my Alma bag that I’m taking with me (with my heavy 5D Mark II camera and lenses that weighs at least 5-7 lbs.! I think I need to see a chiropractor after vacation…). And soon to be saying “Hello” to Hong Kong and probably alienating them with my American/New Yorkness. I can sense the locals will be smirking or laughing at my awful pronunciations.

I may or may not post during the time I’m away but you’ll most likely see a trickle of photos (food and not food) I’m posting on my Flickr page. Hopefully, I’ll have wi-fi access when I go to my mom’s hometown in China. We’ll see.

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