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Driving to Boston, MA with the luxurious Cadillac CTS

My 2014 Cadilac CTS: At home and in Boston This past holiday weekend, the luxurious American automobile company, Cadillac lent me their best car to me, the fully equipped 2014 CTS Sedan. It’s a striking, powerful car with a 3.6L V6 engine, premium Bose® Active Noise Cancellation sound system, plenty of leg room – even in the rear seats – and it’s loaded with tons of safety features with the Driver Awareness Package (like the rear view cameras, Safety Alert Seat, etc.). I’m highlighting a few details but it’s truly a fantastic car. Since I have this amazing car to..

Off to Los Cabos, Mexico Soon!

Playa Las Viudas – one of the many gorgeous beaches in Los Cabos, Mexico (photo credit) Recently I received an invitation from the people of Los Cabos Visitors Convention & Visitors Bureau for a four-day press trip! It’s coming up in less than a week and I am excited as this would be my first time at that I’ll will be flying down to the tip of the 1,000-mile long Baja Peninsula. There’s many beautiful and luxurious award-winning hotels and resorts, championship golf courses, rejuvenating spas, world-class sport fishing and much more. With a unique landscape of dramatic desert and..

The Purple Pig, Chicago

Gate to The Purple Pig; Interior shots; A purple pig; The menu When I was doing my research for places to eat around Chicago and asking friends about this question, many mentioned The Purple Pig. Even I asked the friendly baristas and staff of La Colombe Torrefaction (Chicago) and they even said, “This place is awesome.” With both tourists and locals loving this restaurant, this should be fail-safe to have a meal here. The Purple Pig is located in the neighborhood of The Magnificent Mile where it is tucked away in between the glitzy, middle to high-end boutiques and department..

Bouchon Bistro at Venetian, Las Vegas

Possibly most of you readers are wondering, “Why do [I] want to eat at Bouchon Bistro when you do have two Bouchon Bakeries in New York City?” (The newest location at Rockefeller Center opened on May 10, 2011.) The simple answer is this: The NYC locations do not have a sit-down restaurant version like the one in Vegas, Yountville, CA or Beverly Hills, CA. The cafe portion of Bouchon Bakery in the Upper West Side looks and feels like a cafeteria with fairly high prices (the latter is expected because of Chef Keller’s prestige). I’m certainly not a fan of..

Aburiya Raku – I Would Love to Eat Here Frequently…

Aburiya Raku, or simply known as Raku, found in the heart of Las Vegas’ Chinatown, is a Japanese pub that generally specializes on the robata, grilled meats and vegetables, but it’s so much more than that (I’ll explain later). While doing research for my trip about three weeks prior to my flight to Vegas, I’ve asked my Twitter followers about to eat there and searching through food forums, many have praised and mentioned Raku as one of the few places I must eat. After reading that unanimous “vote”, I picked up my phone and made reservations. From where I stayed..

Las Vegas & Dinner at Sage at Aria

In case you haven’t seen my incessant tweets ever since the Easter weekend started until Thursday morning or my earlier post that noted my impending vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada. When you enter inside Wynn… It’s been nearly a decade when I last went to Vegas. Back then, I was under aged to appreciate or cared about much; Vegas was about half the size and not as glamorous and adult Disney-like. I have stayed at the Wynn as it’s relatively close to the central hub of the Strip (the nickname for the centralized part of Las Vegas Boulevard) and it..

Pain and Pleasure

When my best friend HC and I were waiting at Newark for our flight out to Paris, we had the sudden interruption before flight that all the passengers in our flight are delayed there for the an additional three hours (on top of the 7.5 hour flight). Supposedly, there was a concern about the superficial dents on a portion of the plane’s belly that they had to get it repaired, tested, fill out paperwork and have approval from the control towers to get the green light to fly out of here. All of this crap takes three hours? Frankly, I..

Paris, France – Reflections

As almost every person’s dream is to visit to Paris, France and I’ve finally went there last week. It’s almost everything I dreamed of: amazing food, friendly Parisians (99% of the time), and the beautiful, Old World charm from its buildings. I planned this vacation seriously about three months ago, asking a few people I know personally, scoured through guide books, and made new connections along the way as I asked people around in the Internet (Thank you, France Chowhound who was the biggest help on food suggestions.) Over time, my final restaurant itinerary is based on a mix of..

Day 1 in Hong Kong: Adorable Kittens and A Japanese Izakaya Buffet

Taken place back on April 29th. Yeah, I’m that behind. This is Day 1 of my vacation that dates from April 29th – May 10th (May 11 was my flight back to NYC.) Flying from JFK to Hong Kong International was a long and sort of exciting. It’s my first solo international flight that lasted for nearly 16 hours and I haven’t been to Hong Kong ever since I was 6 years old! Waiting to fly out of NYC My aunt Amy picked my slightly-jet lagged self up from Hong Kong International Airport. Thankfully, the last time we actually seen..