Rich Design Cookies

Rich Design Cookies

As most of you who read this blog, should know that I have a colossal sweet tooth – eating from haute restaurant desserts to a simple bowl of ice cream. Simply stating, dessert (and food, in general) has to taste delicious.

Recently, I’ve been bestowed upon a shipment of cookies graciously given by Claire of Rich Design Cookies. Its elegant, minimalist cookie designs made me feel like I’m opening a box of cookies crafted from Tiffany. Indeed, it feels like you’re opening something special and it’s fit for an occasion. They’re made fresh, all handmade in small batches, and they don’t have preservatives.

A buttload of cookies to sample

Sampling of the fourteen or so cookies, it’s hard to pick a favorite. All were perfect on its own in terms of flavors – nothing is too sweet and it’s balanced. Texturally, they’re crisp yet slightly soft in the middle. The only exception is the chocolate dome that reminds me of a sophisticated, cake-y brownie.

The sandwich cookies have a good ratio of filling to cookie and their fillings have potent flavor without overwhelming the cookie. The one that stuck out in my mind was the graham sandwich that encased the white chocolate, coconut rum liqueur ganache. The delicately flavored cookie stands up to the sweet coconutty filling. The mocha sandwich reminded me of eating a solid, chewy form of mocha with an extra espresso shot. (For the coffee lover that I am, it’s a good thing.)

They’re visually appealing, delectable and make great gifts. If you order them as a gift yourself (they don’t have a storefront or bakery), don’t be like me and eat them in one sitting even though they’re that good.

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  1. Amanda says:

    the little sandwich ones look so cute. They are motivating met o put my cute cookie cutters to use, cutters that haven’t been used since Christmas. I banished them away after the holiday bonanza.

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