Momofuku Milk Bar & Bakery

[I’m holding back on writing about Kuma Inn after this post…]

The past Saturday, November 15th, I met up with Helen and Dannie to try out as many things as our stomach can handle at Momofuku Milk Bar & Bakery after reading Ed’s preview and seeing a few friends’ photos (they went in early for the Friends & Family preview), I’m salivating at the thought of eating there. So, I proposed to meet up at 11 AM for the sake of avoiding the crowds.

Menu Menu

Despite the fact that it was rainy and early (in terms of the sleepyheads for a Saturday morning), this place was buzzing with activity. There’s a short line of people ordering their food whilst everyone else was spread all over the bakery’s tables that are on the tall side for my short stature. (Hey, I’m 5’3″ what do you expect?)

I’ve joined the line (first round was a ten minute wait, sans Dannie) and saw a whole bunch of these lovelies:

Cookies Crack Pie Carrot Cake A huge Dulce de Leche Cake Brown Butter Cinnamon Buns and Volcanoes Come to mama…

Since my lack of breakfast and the temptation that’s right in front of my face, I’ve told Helen we’ll split an egg and pork bun and a slice of chocolate chip cake.

Pork and Egg Bun The pork bun of awesomeness

I wholeheartedly love Momofuku’s pork buns which consists of two slices of pork belly, wafer thin cucumber slices, hoisin sauce and scallions. But they gilded the lily by adding a deep fried soft poached egg. This is seriously awesome but soo bad for my arteries.

Helen's not happy
Helen’s not happy

When it comes to our slice of chocolate chip cake, it came in a box (we wanted to stay in) and it was smushed. She would prefer to have her cake photogenic. Awww… [pat pat] But all is not lost since Dannie arrived and we ordered a whole bunch of stuff. An extra stomach who is eager to ingest a ton of sweets is always welcome in my book. (The second round of waiting was about 25 minutes, btw. The line snaked back toward the entrance.)

Salted Pistachio Caramel Soft Serve Salted Pistachio Caramel
Salted Pistachio Caramel Sundae (my way)

What we started with was the salted pistachio caramel soft serve with peanut butter halvah and hot fudge sauce. All I could say was “Mmmmm…” The salty kick from the caramel with the hint of pistachio flavor and the dense, silky creaminess of the ice cream made me swoon. The crunchy, sweet-salty factor from the peanut butter halvah was great and the fudge sauce was tasty as well.

Tristar Strawberry Milk Let's Be Mild Coffee
Our beverages

To wash some of our food (more like just desserts) down, Dannie and I had our own tristar strawberry milk and Helen wanted a nostalgic drink of hers Lotte’s Let’s Be Mild Coffee. The tristar strawberry milk tasted like a refined version of a strawberry Yoo-hoo drink or any of those commercially produced, flavored dairy drinks. The milk is sweet but not very and the strawberry flavor was intense and especially not artificial.

Helen’s Mild Coffee looked familiar to me when I’m thinking back if I had indeed drank this before, when I took a sip, I remembered I have and I don’t like it as an adult. It reminds me of coffee milk or a not-as-sweet version of the bottled Starbucks Frappuccino. In other words, diluted, milky coffee for my tastebuds. I think you’ve read long enough to know that I love strong espresso and coffee.

Moving on to other sweets:
Slice of Dulce de Leche Chocolate Cake Slice of Chocolate Chip Cake Slice of Candy Bar Pie

We originally ordered three slices of cake: the dulce de leche, chocolate, and pistachio. To give you the story in a quasi-short way, we gotten another slice of chocolate chip by accident since it seems like they’ve been confused with the orders. I’ve pointed it out that we have gotten our chocolate chip, they’ve given it to us for gratis. As for the slice of pie you see on the lower right hand corner above, that’s the candy bar pie as a replacement for the pistachio cake I wanted (they ran out somehow and it’s about 12 PM). I think the guys behind the counter knew that my heart was broken and they’ve given us the replacement (the pie) and before I left, they’ve given me a few very warm, yet too soft for them to sell, cornflake-marshmallow, chocolate chip cookies (isn’t that a mouthful to say?). How sweet.

Going back to the cakes that we did ingest, the dulce de leche (photo on top left) was very moist and the crumb was fine and it’s not sweet. I liked the tang of the cream cheese frosting. As for the chocolate cake (top right photo), it was probably the most tame of the bunch we’ve eaten. The chocolate is intense but it’s not terribly sweet (which is a good thing) but nothing really stood out in my mind. The chocolate chip cake (we’ve eaten out from Helen’s slice) was my favorite. I love the passionfruit curd’s flavor that exudes the proper amount of zing on my palate. Finally, the candy bar pie looks like a Snicker’s bar (nougat, chocolate cookie crust and milk chocolate covered, caramel, and peanuts) but in pie form and topped with salted pretzels. This pie was terribly sweet for me but Helen’s on Cloud 9.

As we’ve tried our hardest to eat all of these sweets, we couldn’t. We asked for a box to save up these sweets (I couldn’t bear the thought of throwing them away) and waddled our way around, trying to breathe.

Momofuku Milk Bar & Bakery

207 2nd Avenue (Entrance on 13th Street)
New York, NY 10003 (map )


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  1. Mikey V says:

    I’ve read so much about this place over the past week and overall its gotten pretty good reviews…

    Being the dessert lover I am, I will definitely have to check it out… i was going to try and go early this morning and get the egg and pork bun for breakfast but i overslept :( so it’ll have to wait for another day…

    p.s. there is nothing more soothing, and that has such a nurturing feeling as a nice shot or three of espresso enjoyed at a leisurely pace. sublime!!!!

  2. thewanderingeater says:

    VeggieGirl: Oh yeah… I had a hard time breathing for a few minutes after eating all of that!

    Mikey V: It’s pretty damn good from what I’ve tried.

    This afternoon (I forgot my camera so there’s no food porn unfortunately), the egg muffin and the banana cake. The former was tasty. I liked the bacon but I wish the egg was a tad more undercooked. As for the banana cake, it is one of my faves from here – crunchy gianduja filling, moist banana cake whose flavor is quite intense. (Chocolate chip is my other favorite.)

    Just order your triple espresso (for me, triple macchiato :)) from a nearby coffeeshop (e.g. Abraço, Everyman Espresso, Joe. etc.) then fill yourself on the sweets.

    Mike: Nope. After hearing and reading about the crack pie, it doesn’t appeal to me. It’s mostly made of brown sugar, cream, sugar, butter, a touch of corn flour; definitely no crack.

  3. Carolyn Jung says:

    Oh man, didn’t even know Momofuku had opened a milk bar/sweet shop. The stuff looks awesome. Awww, another excuse to try to get to NY from the West Coast in 2009.

  4. thewanderingeater says:

    Carolyn: They just opened the past weekend! You should give them a try!

    Abby: Ditto!

    Robin: I <3 that pork and egg bun. But I need to make friends with my cardiologist. ASAP!

    gambypants: I could too…but that would entail me to have a shorter life.


  5. katiek says:

    I was being an online voyeur because I love the buns but don’t live in NY. Thanks for the post. Such a tease.

    Being out west I can only settle for making them!! I will a little surprised that they were $9! I made them at home and on my blog for pennies. $2/lb for belly. Its the best I can do for being all the way out in california.

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