My Last Breakfast at Bouchon, Birdbath, and Cones

I started my morning off at Bouchon Bakery for one last time. Most of their morning staples are there, from croissants to sandwiches, the few changes to their menu for summer, they had a berry tart and something that caught my eye for breakfast, the Apricot Elderflower Danish ($3.25). Doesn’t that sound tantalizing?

Apricot Elderflower Danish

Side view of Apricot Elderflower Danish Side view of danish

Apricot Elderflower Danish; split in half In half…

Apricot Elderflower Danish innards Innards

This was one decadent danish. The danish itself basically had the crisp, flaky texture of a croissant but it’s filled with creamy vanilla custard and some type of elderflower flavored jam, topped with chopped dried apricots, a sprig of elderflowers, and pistachios. Yums. The flower flavor did not overpower this pastry at all but enough to cut through the dense, vanilla custard and buttery flavor of the pastry. This was a good, final breakfast to remember by until my final semester in college arrives again. I am going to miss their gorgeous, photogenic food. [Sniffles.]

Later on the afternoon, I went down to the West Village to Birdbath.


Birdbath window

Birdbath considers themselves an environment conscious bakery; where the walls are made of wheat, cups are made of corn and are biodegradable, and so forth (according to their website). I didn’t exactly cared about the environment friendliness of the bakery, even though it is cute, I just wanted their baked goods. Yeah, it’s my sweets lovin’ self that brought me here.

Wall of COOKIES! Wall of COOKIES!

Apple Butter Cake with Bourbon Raisins
Apple Butter Cake with Bourbon Raisins

Bear Claws
[Save the Polar] Bear Claws

Apple Miso Cake
Apple Miso Cake…is that tasty?

Birdbath's decor/interior Interior decor shots

I’ve been staring at their baked goods, contemplating for a good five minutes. Eventually, I ended up ordering a bear claw ($4), an oatmeal coconut cookie ($1), and an iced hibiscus tea ($2.50).

Bear Claw

Oatmeal Coconut Cookie

Iced Hibiscus Tea

The bear claw’s crust was delicate, very flaky, buttery, and just sweet. The filling was made of dried chopped figs. OMG, I love figs. This pastry made me really happy…and a mess to eat.

Bear Claw innards Innards

The oatmeal cookie is huge! It’s as large as a dessert plate, and I’m not kidding. This sweet, crisp, buttery cookie had large flakes of coconut and a toasty nutty flavor from the oatmeal. I just ate half of it since it’s so large…

Oatmeal Coconut Cookie innards Innards

Later on, after walking around West Village for a while, I eventually went to Cones for their gelato. Yes, I have an obsession with gelato, but it’s summer. How can you not want some dense, creamy, cold, dairy dessert in this hot weather?

Some of Cones' flavors Some of their gelato and sorbet flavors

After thinking a while what flavors to order, I asked and tried their pistachio gelato. It didn’t really have the same pistachio deliciousness as I had in Grom. [Sighs] Eventually, I ended up with a medium cup of gelato, dulche de leche and a dark chocolate ($4.61).

My Medium Cup of Gelato

Meant to show texture of gelato Texture shot

Mmm...thick, dense gelato
Looks creamy to me…

The dulche de leche is sweet, rich, slightly caramelized flavor. It’s lovely and the dark chocolate is pretty good, too. I like their gelato but Grom has a special place in my heart. I guess I’m really addicted to Grom but disappointed from my previous trip, where they completely leveled my cup and hope it’s not true. I’ll be there very soon.

Bouchon Bakery

10 Columbus Circle, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10019

7th Avenue South & Charles Street
New York, NY 10014

272 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10014


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  1. Crystal says:

    The guy working last week dropped an apple-miso cake in with my cookies so I could try it–it’s more like a muffin-cake, but definitely very tasty, with that special zing from the miso :)

  2. Doug says:

    Did the dulce de leche and dark choc go well together – is the chocolate sweet? I think it would work well if it wasn’t.

  3. thewanderingeater says:

    Crystal: Ooh…probably I’ll get my hands on one when I drop by there next time. I guess that “zing” is from either that fermentation of the miso or the saltiness. Sounds good from your description.

    Doug: The dark chocolate was sweet. I would place it along the lines of the sweetness of a semisweet chocolate bar. Not very sweet but not bitter either.

  4. Kathy says:

    oh man! I’m just catching up on all of your eating adventures of late…and I’m exhausted (in a good way of course!) just reading about it! :)

  5. thewanderingeater says:

    Kathy: Oh, thanks for reading again! :) Yeah, even I’m re-reading what I wrote, and I’m pooped.

    Berry: Beats me… I guess they don’t have Birdbath cups yet?

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