Sullivan Street Bakery's Panino

As I’ve told you from the previous post, I’m going to backtrack all the foods I’ve eaten before last Wednesday night. It’ll be broken down into a few posts before you’ll be bombarded with a TON of words and photos that you’ll stop reading by the time I’m talking about Tuesday. So, here’s just one place that I’ve eaten on the day of my finals where I had a two hour break and had lunch at Sullivan Street Bakery.

This sandwich from Sullivan St. Bakery was mentioned in NY Magazine’s Sandwich of the Week, about three weeks ago and NYC Nosher also raved this sandwich as well. Since I love a sandwiches (not the generic deli stuff) and I love Sullivan Street’s ciabatta, I thought why not visit there? It’s been a while since I’ve paid a visit.

Sullivan Street Bakery Sullivan Street Bakery

The baked goods area

Tortino di Cioccolato Too tempting…

Panino di Bresaola


The wall

It was about 1:30 PM by the time I arrived there, so most of the sandwiches were sold out. The one I really wanted to try was the PMB (pancetta mango and basil), which is their interpretation of the BLT (bacon tomato and lettuce). The ones they had were the Specotto, panino di bresaola, and the panino di aglio baguna cauda ($6). I ordered the latter, since it was happily reviewed by the aforementioned sources and amongst the foodies.

Panino di Aglio Baguna Cauda

Panino di Aglio Baguna Cauda Unwrapped…

Bitten Panino di Aglio Baguna Cauda Chomped

This sandwich was sublime. The flauto (the name of this sandwich bread) had a thin, delicate, crisp, crusty exterior with a soft, light, chewy crumb. This is excellent sandwich bread. The filling is also excellent to boot. The layering of hard-cooked duck eggs, artichoke hearts (chewy, briny flavor), and chopped ramps (delicious, oniony-garlic flavor), and a good drizzle of bagna càuda dressing. This was a satisfying sandwich; it’s just too bad I didn’t have enough time to take in all of its glory since I have to take my last final 45 minutes from now…

Sullivan Street Bakery

533 W 47th Street
New York, NY 10036


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