A Quick Lunch at Bouchon Bakery

Today, I went to Bouchon Bakery because I had no patience waiting on line at Whole Foods that stretched down from their line to the registers down to their coffee bar. No way, I’m not that desperate like I was for the free Met Opera tickets. Also, the fact that I have a cold and under medication, standing still is not in my best interest. I just hope my nose and tastebuds still function properly…

So, onto the food. I’ve orderded a small coffee ($1.80), a CB&J sandwich ($6.25) and a Nutter Butter cookie ($2.75). The total, including tax, was $12.30. Yeah, it’s not a cheap lunch (also it was take out) but I have to eat something quick since I have 1/2 hour ’til class starts and I’m not in the mood for street cart food.

The organic, fair trade coffee is and so far, smooth and bold. The way I like it, with a touch of skim milk, no sugar. The CB&J is a cashew butter and apricot jelly sandwiched between 2 slices of toasted brioche. This is an “gourmet” version of a typical American childhood sandwich, the PB&J. It’s pretty good; the bread has a great golden brown hue, crunchy and it’s buttered and lightly salted. The cashew butter is very rich and perfectly roasted and the apricot jam is a nice tart contrast, that is subtle yet slightly sweet.

The Nutter Butter cookie is my favorite cookie from Bouchon Bakery. However, the cookie I gotten was actually, *gasp* refrigerated! It was cold and soggy; a major disappointment from a place that has supposed to have high standards. Shame on you Thomas Keller. For paying $2.75 for this cookie, it should’ve been fresh, not made way in advance! It still tasted fine but it lacked the crisp, nutty, chewiness that I have had from previous tries from this cookie.

The good news is that my palette is still functioning but I am truly disappointed about the darn cookie.


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