Sunday Champagne Buffet at Rulfo in Hyatt Regency Mexico City

One of the large dining areas at Rulfo
Bar area
Pouring Moët & Chandon Champagne

Despite the fact my Sunday Champagne Brunch Buffet at Rulfo was planned a while ago before I landed and checked into Hyatt Regency Mexico City, when I was talking to a few locals they all praise how great this buffet is. It’s an elegant, upscale buffet under the gorgeous skylight that gently filters in the bright Mexican sun and it focuses on modern Latin cuisine.

Prosciutto amd smoked salmon toasts
Raw bar
Salmon, Riobalto, and Tuna fish to choose to get grilled a la minute

The savory fare ranges from an incredible seafood raw bar serving up oysters, clams, large Royal Red Shrimp and there’s a ceviche bar in the same area. There’s a yogurt bar with available toppings of dried fruits like figs, raisins, apricots, and many several others and nuts. Toasts topped with cream cheese and prosciutto or smoked salmon. Toward the back of the restaurant, there’s a large kitchen that had at least seven different Mexican style stews (I don’t remember the name but I adored the scrumptious beef stew that the meat just melts in my mouth and it’s mildly spicy). Adjacent to the stews are the grilled fish section where you can have a choice (or all of the three) to cook at your preferred temperature. There’s an international cheese and sliced meats section and even a pizza table I remembered seeing but I was too early for that. There’s even a juice bar that’s based on the Mexican classic agua frescas that were refreshing and not too sweet.

If there’s anything that will get your attention the most is the long buffet table filled with colorful desserts! If you play my Instagram video right above to get a quick look at that stunner.

Heart shaped marshmallows covered in chocolate
Large orange tart
Tres leches cake with berries
Papaya cheesecake
Mixed berries panna cotta

The easiest one to enjoy is the large chocolate covered heart-shaped marshmallows on a stick. (I wish I could take a few to go!) There were large pistachio tarts, orange cake, papaya cheesecakes, an unbelievably good tres leches cake topped with fresh berries, two types of panna cotta, crème brûlée, apricot tatin, several baskets filled with various petit fours like macarons, chocolate candies, and various cookies, and so many more beautiful and delicious pastries and cookies to try.

The food served at this buffet is very solid and there is so much variety that your palate and eyes are constantly stimulated and your stomach will definitely be full.

To view more photos of this visit, please view the gallery below or CLICK HERE for the photo set:

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inside Hyatt Regency Mexico City
Campos Elíseos 204,
Polanco, 11560 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 5083 1234


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