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Adour: Alain Ducasse at St. Regis

Entrance to Adour Celebrating my brother’s 23rd birthday early, as he is a newly minted MBA/CPA-certified auditor at a prestigious Midtown firm, my parents and I thought it was a good idea to go to Adour: Alain Ducasse at the St. Regis New York. It’s been awarded as a 1* Michelin restaurant and the NY Times back in 2008 granted them a 3* rating. I reserved a table and hoped that it’s good during Restaurant Week given to what it’s been awarded. (more…) Advertisements

Maialino – Restaurant Week Lunch

Hearing good things about Maialino, I cannot help but make a reservation during Restaurant Week when I found out they are participating. It’s inexpensive compared to what one would pay for lunch, as most of their pastas hover in the upper teens, as the main courses are in the twenty dollar range. And it’s run by Danny Meyer’s restaurant group, generally speaking over my many years of eating out, a bad experience is rarely encountered. I’ve asked three friends to join me and we’re all hungry, anticipating greatness as to what Chef Anderer’s kitchen has in store. Views of the..

Lunch at SD26 – Restaurant Week

I went to SD26 last Friday with Helen and Seungmi in tow for Restaurant Week. Part of the allure was the fact that this is the reincarnation of the old San Domenico (think refined and genteel) that went downtown hip. Top left, clockwise: Kitchen view, Salumi area, and Interior Entering the restaurant from the windy, bitter cold, we’re greeted by the hostess and saw the automated wine dispensers, something that reminds me of Clo Wine Bar in the Time Warner Building in the Upper West Side. When we entered the dining room, it’s minimalist in design: a huge bar before..

The Modern Bar Room – Restaurant Week

Last Tuesday, I’ve arranged dinner with my parents at The Modern Bar Room. First timers to eat there (and it’s Restaurant Week), I know the Modern would not disappoint me, as I’ve eaten here a few times throughout the years, Restaurant Week or not, and had good to very good experiences. Crowded, sort of Despite the fact we did have an early reservation for dinner, the tables were about half full and as expected, the sleek bar were packed with suited businessmen and lawyers hanging around for their Happy Hour. Promptly seated, we’ve perused through the RW menu and decided..

The Breslin: Restaurant Week

From top left, clockwise: The Breslin, Chef Bloomfield laughing, Interior & RW Menu I’ve been holding back on going to The Breslin for quite a while. Part of me wanted to go in relatively blindly, as in earlier during the first week of opening, but I want a restaurant to work out their service and possible food kinks before I can reasonably write or say anything. Since it is Restaurant Week, it’s somewhat a good idea to give them a try with my friend, Giulia. So here it goes… (more…)

One of the Last Few Lunches to be Served at Cafe Boulud

Renovations underway soon… If you do follow the food blogs Eater or The Feedbag for the past few weeks, Cafe Boulud is going to be closed for renovations on August 16th. They’re hoping to open around September 21st, according to John Winterman, the maître d’ of Cafe Boulud. I thought I might as well have one of their last few lunch services before they’ll close down for the rest of the summer. Yes, they’re still participating Restaurant Week until today, Friday, 8/14. Last meal of service is dinner tomorrow evening, 8/15. The last time you’ll see the interior like this..

Lunch at Tocqueville

Taken place on July 23, 2009. I’ve went to Tocqueville toward what’s supposedly the last few days of Restaurant Week. The thing to know is, Tocqueville has a year-round prix fixe for the same price. I went there just because it’s close to where a friend of mine works (I wanted to say “hi” to him.), I wanted to try a certain dish that’s available a la carte, and I haven’t been to this restaurant after it moved from its previous location over two years ago. Interior The small yet elegant dining room was occupied by a few gentlemen behind..

Restaurant Week at Bar Boulud

Taken place on July 28, 2009. Note to all of the NYC diners who want to participate RW, most are ending today, July 31st. Menu and bread and butter I’m at Bar Boulud again. It’s been a year or so since I’ve been here and think I might as well have a RW lunch because it’s relatively accessible for me and my friends, Helen and Giulia, to come over. Looking down the tunnel I know the whole concept of this restaurant is to look like a wine cellar but it always make me feel like I’m looking down a long..

Restaurant Week at Alto

To those of you who are really waiting on my Hong Kong/China vacation posts, please do be patient. I’m trying to post up the Restaurant Week stuff before it’s irrelevant to read (like the Gramercy Tavern post I did previously; they’re not participating RW now). Last Thursday, I’ve arranged lunch with Mary to Alto for Restaurant Week. The two reasons why I want to go to Alto are: 1.) I want to see Mary. It’s been too long since we’ve eaten out. 2.) Curious about their food yet not willing to fork my a large chunk of my money on..