Pourquoi Pas Espresso Bar (Montreal, Canada)

Cappuccino with house made vegan milk (coconut and almond)
Cappuccino (brwed with De Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters' Sitio Lavrinha beans) with house made vegan milk (coconut and almond) and vegan raspberry financier
Cappuccino, vegan raspberry financier and artwork for sale

There are many great third-wave style coffee shops in Montreal. Unfortunately, I had time for only one during my visit here and that is at Pourquoi Pas Espresso Bar. If you translated this cafe’s name it is, why not? It is a cute name and it makes sense to call itself as that. Why not go to a personable coffee shop with baristas who wouldn’t mind suggesting to you about places in the city that you could eat or check out or just talk about coffee?

Besides the people (which is a crucial part of any eating or dining establishment), their coffee drinks and chai tea are excellent. They source their coffee from a Toronto-based roaster Pilot Coffee and use different beans for different drinks. They also make their own chai tea blend and a house vegan milk blend that’s a mix of coconut and almond that enhances the sweetness of the drinks. The tasty  baked goods are vegan as well to accommodate that lifestyle.

House made chai latte with almond milk and cinnamon
House made chai latte with almond milk
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Pourquoi Pas Espresso Bar

Official Website
1447 Rue Amherst
Montréal, QC H2L 2G2, Canada
Phone: +1 514-419-9400
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