La Maison du Chocolat Icons in XXL

The luxury French chocolate brand started by Robery Linxe, La Maison du Chocolat is turning 40. And to commemorate its anniversary, they made their legendary chocolates large (like the size of an espresso cup’s saucer). They are nestled individually within custom-metallic boxes, the ‘Grands Carrés’ collection features three classic and three more contemporary bouchées.

The classics Quito (a silky dark ganache tempered with subtle notes of milk and vanilla) and Salvador has the bright acidity of raspberry paired with this dark chocolate ganache with its round, fruity flavor.

The Boheme is an airy, silky, lusciousness of milk chocolate ganache and chantilly.

The new Pomme d’amour, a is a beautiful compote of apples enrobed in light caramel offers this milk chocolate the inimitable sensation of the cooked sugar of a candy apple.

Dentelle is a bit of crunchiness, airiness of a pure hazelnut made of the maison’s praliné with slivers of crispy crêpes.

Neroli, is made of sweet Mara des Bois strawberry compote, and orange blossom rendezvous in a dark chocolate ganache.

For someone who loves their chocolate (moi), it’s hard to share one of these large chocolates with a friend despite its size. I am seriously saying to him/her that I am eating one piece of chocolate.


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