Christmas Pastries from Maison Kayser USA

Bûche Kayser, Bûche Fruit Rouges
Bûche Fruit Rouges
Bûche Noisettes & Yuzu
Bûche Châtaigne

This year for Maison Kayser USA‘s holiday pastries, there’s going to be Bûches de Noël – Bûche Kayser, Bûche Fruit Rouges, Bûche Châtaigne, and Bûche Noisettes & Yuzu. Bûche de Noël is a yule log but the Kayser team takes it to a modern French way.

The Bûche Kayser is a decadent chocolate cake and you would get your chocolate fill three ways — chocolate cake, chocolate cream, and chocolate glaze. Bûche Fruit Rouges is a delicious mix of chocolate cake and a pleasantly acidic red fruit cream, and covered in a shiny cardinal red glaze. Bûche Châtaigne is the awesome chestnut cake with chestnut cream. (I have a soft spot for chestnuts during winter.) Bûche Noisettes & Yuzu is another great cake that merges Asian with Western flavors — bright, citrus-y yuzu flavor was delicious with the hazelnuts.

Tartes aux Marrons

The Tarte aux Marrons (translated as chestnut tart) is delicious. If you ever had a Mont Blanc (a delicious dessert of chestnut mousseline, chestnut spread, vanilla whipped cream and pieces of meringue) this is it but served in a buttery, crisp tart shell. It’s perfectly done and I would eat multiples of these in one sitting.

Any of these pastries will be a great addition to the holiday table, a gift to friends and family or even for yourself to indulge.

For more photos, please CLICK HERE for the complete set or see below:

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