To Washington, D.C. with Cadillac

The U.S. Capitol

The weekend before Christmas, we headed down to Washington, D.C. partnering with Cadillac driving down with their amazing, luxurious ATS Coupe.

We wanted to escape from New York City for the long weekend and thought up of heading to the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. since it’s been nearly a decade since I’ve last been there. Reading the many things that have changed in the city from the food to everything else in between, it’s about time to make a revisit. We chose to partner with Cadillac since it’s the best American luxury car brand that even our President has a motorcade mostly manufactured by this brand. (We have collaborated with Cadillac last year for our trip to Boston, as seen here.)

Me with Cadillac ATS Coupe

Our drive down to D.C. with this car was simply great. Smooth, powerful ride with great control and handle. Comfortable, firm seats that you don’t mind sitting on the same place for hours. The on-board entertainment system, CUE made the drive pleasant by having GPS to navigate, SiriusXM to play the music and news, and provide Wi-Fi. The latter is important since some of my friends on this ride had brought their tablet to keep themselves occupied and it needed the Internet connection. In all, the Cadillac ATS was fantastic.

Intrigued to know where we ate? Stay tuned.

The Capitol and its reflection


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