Dinner at The Nomad Bar

At the bar Looking down at the very busy bar downstairs
View of the bar (taken with my iPhone); The view of the bar looking down

The NoMad Bar, a freestanding extension of the handsome, sophisticated Elephant Bar within The NoMad Hotel opened several months ago by Daniel Humm and Will Guidara.

One of my friends visiting from London wanted to eat something new so I thought we should head here since I’ve been hearing good things about the food, and of course the cocktails. While I was waiting for her arrival, the first thing I noticed was the boisterous conviviality of the happy hour crowd of mostly young professionals around the neighborhood. I had to raise my voice to be heard by the lovely, friendly hostess that I want to have dinner but will wait at the bar for my friend to arrive.

At any rate, I spotted the makings of Madison Park Smash Cocktail Explosion (seen at the top of the post). It’s definitely a striking thing to look at despite it being a delicious pitcher of cocktails. The bar is a mob scene with four people deep of patrons clamoring for a drink or lingering to talk.

Our drinks - Cease and Desist (left) and Berry 'Dangerous' Fix
Scotch Olives
Our drinks: Cease and Desist and Berry Dangerous Fix; Bowl of Scotch Olives

Eventually my friend arrived and we were seated upstairs, while it’s not as loud as the main floor, the conversations still lull in the background. It’s darker and gives you a sense of anonymity while watching the scene downstairs over the banisters.

We started out with our drinks Berry Dangerous Fix ($16) and Cease and Desist ($8). Both fruity but balanced and not too sweet. The former drink had this spice nuance from the Campari that tempered the sweetness of the fresh strawberries. The latter drink is non-alcoholic but what I liked about it was the creaminess akin to an Orange Julius.

We also had our small bowl of Scotch olives ($11) that is a play of the Scotch egg and my friend thought it’s a cute idea to play on the English pub fare. The pitted, briny green olives filled with sheep’s milk cheese, covered in well seasoned, gamy ground lamb.

Our spread of food
Bacon-wrapped hot dog with black truffle & celery
Our spread of food; The Bacon-wrapped hot dog

We split the bacon-wrapped hot dog with slices of black truffle and celery. The hot dog was delicious, rich and complex with umami. Thankfully, the diced celery cuts that richness of the bacon and aioli coating the hot dog.

The seared foie gras and spoon of black truffle mousse for The Chicken Pot Pie for Two
Mixing the truffle mousse into the Chicken Pot Pie for Two
The Chicken Pot Pie for Two

We also shared the Chicken Pot Pie for Two ($36). It’s a marvel to look at and the presentation adds some theatrics to the dish. The puffy, flaky crust of the hot pot pie getting gently torn on top by our server then in goes the spoons of black truffle mousse and skewer of foie gras to be stirred up within into the stew. It’s a fantastic chicken pot pie I’ve ever had and surely, I see this faring a lot better during the colder months when I would polish most of this pie by myself.

The Nomad Chocolate Bar
The Nomad Chocolate Bar

We wanted to end on a sweet note and opted for their namesake chocolate bar ($14). It is what you read on the menu. No fanciful reinterpretation of any sort with cakes, cookies, and/or ganaches. It is simply an excellent made chocolate bar using Amedei dark chocolate and filled with salted caramel.

This establishment is first and foremost an homage to the well-crafted cocktails bar by beverage director Leo Robitschek. The food menu by the hands of Chef Daniel Humm, Executive Sous Chef James Kent and the team is luxurious, delicious versions of bar food but it’s does not necessarily feel like the main focus. I would still come here for excellently made drinks and have a side of something to eat if it’s meant to be a relatively quick drink and bites to eat with a friend but if I wanted the full dinner experience, I’d walk over to The NoMad Hotel and have dinner at the restaurant proper.

To view more photos of this meal, please CLICK HERE or view the gallery below:

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The NoMad Bar

10 West 28th Street
New York, NY 10001
Phone: (347) 472-5660 (note, this bar does not take reservations)


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