Nordic Bakery (London, UK)

Interior of Nordic Bakery (Soho location) Interior of Nordic Bakery (Soho location)
Basket full of cinnamon buns
Spinach and ricotta quiche on a rye crust
Karelian Pies (savory pies; the left one is filled with potato; right one is filled with rice)
Nordic Bakery’s Soho location interiors; Cinnamon buns; Spinach & ricotta quiche; Karelian pies

Nordic Bakery was one of my favorite bakeries during my stay in London. I had received their cookbook a few years ago and was intrigued about their unique food and recipes that it stayed in the back burner of my mind to visit to this bakery one day (which finally happened).

My first visit to Nordic Bakery was at their Soho location when I was shopping for food souvenirs for friends and family nearby at the legendary Fortnum & Mason. I liked the bright natural light flowing through the windows of the shop and shining into the minimalist yet inviting interior with walls painted in a dark shade of cobalt blue and warm wooden panels, simply set with a long communal table and half a dozen of two-tops.

Ligonberry buns, Skolebollers, and Blueberry buns
My cappucino and cinnamon bun

Tempted by the many delicious looking open-faced sandwiches and sweets, I opted for their short cappuccino (£2.40) and their signature cinnamon bun (£2.60). The cinnamon bun is not your typical cinnamon bun, at least compared to American standards. This beautifully, rustic baked good is Finnish, in which it’s denser and rye-based kind of dough with a generous cinnamon filling. It’s not sweet compared to its American cousin and it’s satisfying.

Pickle and cheese sandwich Egg & Herring sandwich Gravlax sandwich Salmon and cheese croissant sandwich
Various Scandinavian sandwiches

There were a smattering of Scandinavian sandwiches that I rarely see that are all on dark rye bread like pickle and cheese (£3.80) that’s made with a creamy, mild Jarlsberg and gherkins. The egg and herring sandwich (£4.20) was unique but very tasty, especially of the piquant, mustard pickled herring. The gravlax sandwich (£4.40) and salmon and cheese croissant (£4.40) are familiar favorites utilizing the delectably silky cured salmon.

Oven pancake with ligonberry jam

I did manage to have a slice of oven pancake (£3.10) with ligonberry jam. It’s a not too sweet slab of fluffy pancake that’s warmed up and served with the special sweet-tart berry jam.

Exterior of Nordic Bakery (Marylebone location)Interior of Nordic Bakery (Marylebone location)
Display of sweets and pastries
Tosca Cake
Marylebone location (exterior and interior); pastries

Toward my final days in London, I stopped by Nordic’s Marylebone location. Like its Soho location, it has the same blue walls and wooden chairs and tables but the slight difference is this diamond patterned wall rug to add some interest on the interior and felt like there’s more locals lingered here for business meetings or a calm breakfast time before the morning rush to work.

My flat white and Karelian pie (rice filling)

I opted for their cappuccino (£2.50) and Karelian pie (£1.80). This small, savory pie is made on a rye crust and I opted for the one filled with a rice custard and topped with a small dots of butter. This unique and tasty pie was delicious and one can hold you down until lunch, unless you are very hungry maybe two or three.

If you want to try something different and sort of envision yourself you’re briefly transported to Scandinavia, have a scrumptious quick treat, breakfast, or lunch at Nordic Bakery. It is certainly something you don’t get to taste in New York and if you’re based in London, perhaps save you a few hours for a plane ride.

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Nordic Bakery

Multiple locations in London but visited these two:

14A Golden Square
London W1F 9JG
Telephone: +44 20 3230 1077

37 B New Cavendish Street
London W1G 9TL
Telephone: +44 20 7935 3590