Dough & Ramen Burger at Smorgasburg at the Brooklyn Flea

Cafe au lait and Dulce de leche with almonds doughnuts by Dough Toasted coconut doughnuts by Dough
Passion fruit doughnut with cocoa nib

This past weekend, we had an intense craving for doughnuts and since the snow was holding off until later that evening, we made the trek across the East River to the Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg and headed straight to Dough‘s stall.

Dough does have a brick-and-mortar store in Greenpoint but it’s a bit of a trek for me to head out there. So, Smorgasburg is closest to get my doughnut lovin’ self to get their delectable sweets. These doughnuts were made by the talented hands of Chef Fany Gerson (yes, the same woman behind La New Yorkina).

These dessert plate-sized, fluffy yeast-risen doughnuts ($2.75 each) were delicious. What I liked the most about these besides the wonderful texture is the creative flavors. The bright, sweet-tart passion fruit glaze sprinkled with cacao nibs that give the doughnut a spicy, bitter dimension.

Hibiscus doughnut by Dough

The hibiscus doughnut has this tart, red berry-like flavor that is rarely seen on this delectable fried sweet.

Ramen Burger

We strolled over to Ramen Burger (started by Keizo Shimamoto) for their unusual, Japanese-American burger. The namesake burger ($8) is composed of gently seared compressed discs of ramen noodles as the “bun” of the burger and encase the beef burger glazed in a soy sauce based sauce topped with scallions. As weird as it sounds, it actually does tastes good.

Adobo Shack Mash Up Ramen Burger filled with pork belly

We also had their Filipino-inspired ramen burger, the Adobo Shack Mashup ($10). It’s a collaboration with the Adobo Shack and the Ramen Burger and it’s a pretty darn tasty collaboration. Instead of having the beef burger, they swapped it with luscious pork belly braised in a soy sauce-vinegar mixture and topped with hot sauce. It’s great and I’m intrigued to try their next mashup burger.

Brooklyn Flea & Smorgasburg

Winter Market location:
80 North 5th St. (at Wythe Ave.)
Brooklyn, NY


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