Flour Bakery (Boston, MA)

Entrance of Flour Interior
Sweet orange rolls Doughnut sugar muffins
Entrance to Flour Bakery (Back Bay location); Interior; Sweet orange rolls and Doughnut sugar muffins

Flour Bakery (the bakery currently have 4 locations) was our first stop on our weekend holiday trip to Boston. What prompted us to go there first is because of the delicious memories I had when the James Beard nominated Chef Joanne Chang cooked at the James Beard House for afternoon tea. Since then, it was bookmarked in my brain to visit Chef Chang’s bakery and it finally happened.

We went to the Back Bay location since it’s close to our hotel, The Mandarin Oriental. This industrial décor space felt welcoming from bright natural light flooding through the windows. Perusing the display cases filled with delectable in-house made pastries, salads and sandwiches, I was salivating and was indecisive what do I really want to have. Except for coffee since we started our drive to Boston early in the morning.

Make life sweeter...Eat dessert first! Sticky bun

I know for sure to have the famous sticky bun ($3.50) topped with toasted pecans. The glaze was sweet but not too overtly so on a fluffy, buttery bun and I adored the crunchy pecans. The mug of coffee ($2) had pleasant acidity and light bodied.

Inside the fluffy, flaky croissant Double baked almond brioche

We also had their buttery, flaky croissant ($2.50) and a heavily almond crusted double baked brioche ($3.50). The latter was surprisingly not too sweet despite being dusted in powdered sugar.

It was a great place to get a quick recharge and have delicious pastries on the go. We also picked up a brioche loaf ($7) to take along with us in case we are craving a snack.

If I had more time, I would read a morning paper and slow life down a few paces.

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Flour Bakery

Location visited: Back Bay
131 Clarendon St.
Boston, MA 02116
Tel. (646) 837-6776