Launch Party of Vendôme Macarons in Saks Fifth Avenue, New York City

The party goers Interior
Interior of Vendôme Macarons in Saks Fifth Avenue in Snacks

Last night was the launch party of Vendôme Macarons found in the luxurious department store, Saks Fifth Avenue‘s SnAKS in New York City. Being surrounded with the beautiful people, the fashionable, and a couple of socialites, you know you’re in a swanky party — but all in the name of macarons!

Vendôme macarons on display - and to eat as well Creme de Cassis and Limoncello macarons by Vendôme
Various Vendôme macarons Vendôme macarons with Prosecco
Some of Vendôme Macarons and my glass of Prosecco and my macaron tower

I know you’re wondering how are Vendôme macarons besides them looking pretty? They were pretty darn good. Of the offerings of eight or so flavors, the best (and the most popular) was the strawberry Chamapagne that had a good balance of the delicate flavors of Champagne and sweet strawberries and it was decked out in edible gold. The Limoncello and Gibear dark chocolate macarons were the next favored as they were incredibly robust of its own flavors. All of the macarons were true to this cookie’s texture, subtly crisp shell on the outside and moist without being mushy inside. The major plus is not being overtly sweet.

Vendôme Macarons on Saks Fifth Avenue, 5th Floor Having some Vendôme macarons for breakfast

Vendôme Macarons are one of the comparable few macaron places in the oversaturated macaron market in New York. The obvious difference is that you’d be surrounded with the chic people and the covetable handbags and modern clothes that’s just outside the SnAKS.

To view more photos of this event, please view the slideshow below (or CLICK HERE for my photo set):

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Inside Saks Fifth Avenue
611 5th Avenue
SnAKS, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10022


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