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Launch Party of Vendôme Macarons in Saks Fifth Avenue, New York City

Interior of Vendôme Macarons in Saks Fifth Avenue in Snacks Last night was the launch party of Vendôme Macarons found in the luxurious department store, Saks Fifth Avenue‘s SnAKS in New York City. Being surrounded with the beautiful people, the fashionable, and a couple of socialites, you know you’re in a swanky party — but all in the name of macarons! (more…) Advertisements

Rosé and Macarons at Ladurée for its SoHo Opening Announcement

Ladurée’s window Last Wednesday, Ladurée thrown an intimate party for a select group of VIPs to celebrate its (almost) one year anniversary and their official announcement (of the long rumored) opening in SoHo (to read more details at The New York Times’ article toward the end). Essentially, this SoHo boutique will be at the current Barolo space at 398 West Broadway (at Broome Street). It will feature the famed tea salon and pâtisserie that most of us who been to Paris knows and craves, and a large garden. Supposedly, this would be the largest flagship, even larger than their Champs-Élysées,..

Homemade Macarons – à la Pierre Hermé

If you’ve been one of my longtime readers, you know I have an obsession with macarons. I admit I go insane over Pierre Hermé macarons. (When I landed in Paris for vacation last May, the top “must do things” on my first day was to go to any of Hermé’s boutiques and have his macarons and pastries!) My box of homemade pistachio macarons In case you didn’t know, Pierre Hermé is one of the preeminent pastry chefs in the world and most known for his macarons and his unusual flavor combinations, especially his signature flavor Isaphan (a wondrous palm-sized rose..

Ladurée in New York City

Ladurée As of the past week or so, almost everyone in the Internet, food forums to respectable food websites talked about Ladurée. In case you haven’t caught up in my Parisian travels of last year (here’s my photo set of my stops to this brand’s patisserie as they have many locations in Paris), Ladurée is where one should get their macarons or if you’re a macaron virgin, this is your baseline. For some, the gold standard. The biggest shocker to me when I walked to this boutique this morning was that it lacked their signature tea salon! If you ever..