Afternoon Tea at Petrossian

At their beautiful bar Looking out the window of Petrossian Eating at the bar of Petrossian
Petrossian Restaurant: Looking out the window, at the bar, and having tea at the bar

Yesterday, I had afternoon tea at the lovely Petrossian Restaurant.

Petrossian started in the 1920’s by two Armenian brothers, Melkoum and Mouchegh Petrossian, first introduced Paris to the magic of caviar and, in doing so, founded the company that today is the premier buyer and importer of Russian caviar worldwide. Since 1984, Petrossian opened a restaurant and a café/boutique next door for baked goods to-go in Midtown, Manhattan.

Canisters of Tante Irina tea (Keyman & Peking Orange with hints of Spanish orange, lemon and bergamot) Petrossian "Tante Irina" Tea (Keyman & Peking Orange with hints of Spanish orange, lemon and bergamot)
My cup of Tante Irinia tea
Petrossian’s Tante Irina tea (canisters, the tea blend, and my cup)

Tante Irina tea made of Keyman, Peking Orange with hints of Spanish orange, lemon and bergamot was delicious. I don’t need any sugar or milk since there’s a lot of inherent sweetness in this fruity, golden beverage.

Parmesan rosemary cookies Fennel parmesan cookies
Savory cookies: Rosemary Parmesan and Fennel Parmesan cookies

There were delicious savory cookies of Parmesan rosemary and fennel Parmesan that had a nice balance of the herb and depth of saltiness from the cheese. Not too buttery and a bit crumbly, in a good way.

Lemon thyme muffins Halved Lemon Thyme muffin
Lemon thyme muffins and its cross section

The lemon thyme muffins were probably my favorite item of the afternoon. Finely crumbed and utterly moist with a touch of pungent thyme and zip of lemon zest to make it different than most muffins.

Mini chocolate croissants and mini croissants Brioche rolls with Sunchowder Emporia's jams
Raspberry Pepper jam from Sunchowder's Emporia
Mini croissants and brioche rolls to have with Sunchowder’s Emporia jams

Their buttery, flaky croissants and moist broiche rolls were sublime to have with Sunchowder’s Emporia small batch, artisan made jams. I was told these jams were very seasonal and the ones I tried were the sweet and spicy raspberry pepper, a zingy plum ginger apricot, and the sweet and dark chocolate raspberry.

Coffee and coconut macaroon and Parmesan Rosemary cookie
Coffee and sweets

Since I’m always a coffee fanatic, I ended with a cup of dark, bold coffee and a couple more of their coconut macaroons (more egg white-based) and a coconut financier that has a bit of sweet cinnamon.

To view more photos of my visit, please click through the slideshow (or view my Flickr set):

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Petrossian Restaurant

Website: http://www.petrossian.com/
182 West 58th Street
New York, NY 10019 (Map)
(212) 245-2214


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