Breakfast at Tri Tip Grill – Filling and Delicious

I’ve read good things about Tri Tip Grill and know that it is a popular Midtown lunch destination in the Rockefeller Center area. But recently I heard that Tri Tip started a breakfast menu. Curious that I was, I went there and had a full blown breakfast with a friend.

InteriorBreakfast menu
Interior & Breakfast menu

This casual eatery looked promising after peering at their window, they have a small display of their food. Since my friend and I were starving, we were crazy enough to order the whole shebang (their entire breakfast menu). Their breakfast menu is competitively priced considering that their sandwiches and platters were in between $5 and $6 each before tax.

Buckmuffin Buckbagel with tater tots
Buckmuffin & Buckbagel

My Buckmuffin is a glorious, albeit decadent breakfast sandwich. It is filled with tri tip steak, fried egg, caramelized onions, and American cheese along with a side of potatoes, green bell peppers and onions. And all this for $4.59 before tax? It’s a bargain considering the real estate you’re standing on.

This was a filling sandwich and I realized that I shouldn’t have been that daring to order that much food. My friend’s bagel version of the Buckmuffin (with a side of fried tater tots) is very good, too but I prefer the English muffin as it’s bread choice. Something about the texture and proportion of the muffin worked so well with the tender, flavorful tri tip with the egg and cheese. This was my favorite of the menu.

Breakfast Platter
Breakfast platter

The breakfast platter ($6.99) was a hearty serving of three ounces of medium-done sirloin tri tip with two eggs done any way you request (mine was over easy), a side of potatoes with bell peppers, and an English muffin. The best part of this platter was the tri tip. I liked how smoky, tender and flavorful it was. The oozy egg yolks eaten with the tri tip was total bliss – even though I know I’m cutting my life a few years shorter.

Breakfast Burrito
Breakfast burrito

Their breakfast burrito ($5.99) is packed with scrambled eggs, pico de gallo, cheese, potatoes, and their tri tip sirloin. It’s pretty darn good though a bit too much eggs in there that the tri tip gets a bit lost. I do enjoy the pico de gallo a lot just because it cuts through the dense flavors of the burrito’s components.

Brandy French Toast
Brandy French Toast

For something sweet, they have Brandy French toast ($4.99). These not-too-sweet, custardy French toasts with a side of bananas and strawberries, were a nice dessert-like ending to this unrestrained breakfast fest.

This breakfast experience left me really full to say the least but I did enjoy all the items I ate. This casual, fast food eatery does have good quality food and it’s not overpriced at all. If you do happen to be around Rockefeller Center, I suggest you have breakfast there (and yes, they do have a to-go option).

Tri Tip Grill

Website: http://www.tritipgrill.com
30 Rockefeller Plaza
Concourse Level
New York, NY 10112 (Map)
Telephone: (212) 664-1003


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