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Box of Cookies Box of Cookies
Cute on the outside…and sweet on the inside

Recently, I acquired a box of cookies from Cookie Panache by Between the Bread. This new cookie spinoff from the catering company, Between the Bread in Midtown West gotten me piqued with interest since I love a good cookie (or should I say, a ton of cookies).

The box was beautifully wrapped in adorable, vintage Valentine’s Day paper (appropriate for Valentine’s Day coming soon. Hint, hint to the men out there.). Going beyond the surface, these cookies were delicious. From the assortment I had, they’re fresh, chewy cookies that flirts with sweet side and they are all very delicious (exception to the large heart sugar cookie that was wonderfully crisp).

Plate of cookies - Valentine's Day Assortment
My plate of cookies

Some were inspired beyond the typical American cookies (e.g. beautifully decorated sugar cookies, blondies and brownies, though very good dark chocolate used) they bake some confections with worldly influences like the Almond Masala that has a touch of sweet curry mixed within its chewy coconut and almond flecked base and the “other” caramel, dulce de leche sandwiched between two crisp lemon cookies.

If you have to ask what’s my favorite of the ten different cookies in that box I had, it’s a tough question. My top three are the crisp, subtly sweet Italian biscotti, brownie (dense and chocolate-y without being too sweet), and the dulce de leche (I love dulce de leche, next to salted caramel).

Cookie Panache
Telephone: (212) 757-4145
Note: They take only online and phone orders, as they currently do not have a storefront. They will hand deliver within Manhattan or 2nd Day UPS.


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