Nespresso SoHo Flagship Boutique Preview Opening

Last Tuesday, Nespresso invited me to their SoHo flagship boutique store preview opening. While they did throw a lavish soirée attendees like myself and several other print and web publications with Champagne, hors d’oeuvres, and a three-course meal, this isn’t the focus of the evening. We’re talking about the store, the brand, and their espresso/espresso machine.

At the coffee bar Interior
The mosaic wall made of their capsules
Interior: Cafe, Cushy chairs, Capsule mosaic

This two-story flagship is technically the second freestanding location in Manhattan. The first one is located on the Upper East Side on the posh Madison Avenue. The idea to make this location their flagship because it’s larger and they want to have a stronger presence in NYC, as us New Yorkers love our coffee. The interior is sleek, modern, well-lit, and luxurious as the Nespresso brand deem themselves as.

Nespresso's espresso capsules Limited Edition Machines
Second floor: Limited edition machines and their capsules

The espressi (there are 16 Grand Crus) are great as we sampled during the preview. Not too bitter and several crus were intensely robust (namely, their limited edition Kazaar). I was curious about their large Latissima Premium machine and yes, it’s pretty cool to watch that thing work.

At the entrance, there is a cafe/coffee bar where you are expected to drink the coffee within their store and lounge around in their plush seats. The coffee you get here is from the Nespresso machines and capsules. There is food available to order, ranging from salads, sandwiches, and entrees from $9 to $17. Plated desserts are also $9.

The second floor is another showcase room where there are several limited edition machines out on display and they do let you try out the machine and sample the espresso for free.

For the photos of the entire store preview, please click through the slideshow.

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92 Prince Street (at Mercer Street)
New York, NY 10012 (map)

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  1. Anna: It is fancy and sleek. It looks intimidating but the staff are friendly.

    David: Thank you! The color palate is appropriate for this place. Gives it some life from all the sleekness and looks modern.

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