A Pit Stop for Breakfast – The Mercury Dime

[I know I’m supposed to write about a dinner that took place about two…almost three weeks ago but I don’t feel motivated to write such a lengthy post about it yet. So, bear with me as I have a short post for you about my stop at the newly minted, The Mercury Dime.]

Exterior of Mercury Dime

I believe good coffee is the reason why I get my butt up early from bed and go to the city for work. For the past week or two, I heard of The Mercury Dime is opening and stopping in the nabe to check it out. The problem is, they’re still closed, leaving me a tired, cranky person who is in dire need of COFFEE! (No, I’m not a coffee addict. I just depend on it when I have little sleep or when I crave it). On Tuesday (when I stopped in), they’re finally opened!

Looking at the (coffee) bar The view out the window
View of the bar (on the left); view out the window (on the right)

Coffee Menu
Coffee Menu

As I perused the menu, I thought to myself do I need a straight-up espresso shot or just go for the cappuccino? Gauging on how much I need the caffeine, I didn’t need it as bad as other days so I went for the cappuccino. The barista was kind enough to give me a Regina sesame cookie despite the fact I didn’t order anything to eat.

A light breakfast

You could tell there’s an absence of pretty latte art on this cup of joe but the taste makes up for it – bold and smooth with a hint of fruit at the end without much milk to get in the way. The Regina cookie is from De Robertis Pasticceria. Even though I haven’t been to that bakery but this cookie is good – a crunchy, nutty element to go with this cappuccino.

Ah…I wouldn’t mind lingering in this laid-back, lounge-y café but I have to go to work. I bid the barista farewell and hope to stop by again if I’m ever motivated to get out of my house early.

The Mercury Dime

246 East 5th Street
New York, NY 10003


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