Seasonal Desserts from Bouchon Bakery

I know those of you who have been reading my blog for a while are probably getting weary of me due to the fact that every week I’m bound to write something about Bouchon. Well, at least it’s all about desserts. Yeess…the sugary goodness that Bouchon actually excel in most parts (the exclusion is the disappointing French macarons). Since this is about their seasonal stuff, let’s start cracking.

With Easter and Passover coming in less than two weeks, Bouchon has created seasonal menus for both holidays, if you seen their menus near the registers recently, you know what I’m talking about. Yesterday (Monday), I had their Hot Cross Bun (for Easter) and a Flourless Chocolate Cake (that’s for the Passover menu).

Hot Cross Bun Hot Cross Bun

Chocolate Flourless <a mce_thref= Flourless Chocolate Cake

The hot cross bun was excellent. The bun had a rich buttery flavor with a hint of nutmeg, cardamom, and orange flower water. It’s just sweet, moist, chewy, and chock full of dried fruits such as raisins, cranberries, and currants. This is one of the best hot cross buns I ever had but for a price tag of $4.95, it’s going to prohibit me from having this often. Here’s a few more photos of the hot cross bun for you…

Hot Cross Bun (top view) Top view

Hot Cross Bun (side view) Side view

Hot Cross Bun; torn Torn/Innards!

The flourless chocolate cake was fine. It’s not bad or sublime; it’s just the fact that it didn’t blow me away.

Cutting into the Chocolate Flourless Cake Cutting into the cake

Chocolate Flourless Cake (slice popping out) Slice of cake popping out

Slice (meant to show texture) of Chocolate Flourless Cake Texture shot of slice

The chocolate cake was dense, moist, not exactly fudgey as I’ve asked and been told. It was just sweet, and it was dusted with a snowy storm of powdered sugar, decorated with a raspberry ganache quenelle, a halved fresh raspberry, and a sprinkling of raspberry flavored sugar (hence the red spots on the cake). I don’t really like the pairing of raspberry and chocolate. It is probably that is why I don’t like this cake too much also the fact I want the fudgey texture or something similar to their chocolate bouchon but I didn’t find that in this cake. Oh well…I least I know now.

Then on Tuesday, I had their Pistachio and Cherry Brioche ($3.25) and a Tropical Millefeuille ($7.25).
Pistachio and Cherry Brioche Pistachio & Cherry Brioche

Tropical Millefeuille Tropical Millefeuille

The brioche was really tasty. It was buttery, slightly sweet, and moist. It contained a ton of dried, sweet bing cherries with chopped pistachio bits floating around the bread, and it had some orange peel to make it tantalizingly interesting. Yums. Here’s more food porn…

Pistachio and Cherry Brioche (cut) Cut Brioche…

Pistachio and Cherry Brioche; innards Innards!

And lastly, the Tropical Millefeuille. It was delicious but the puff pastry was a bit soggy due to refrigeration.

Tropical Millefeuille (side view) Click on the photo to indicate the layers.

That’s about it…I’m not willing to eat anymore desserts before I’m really asking for death within a couple of years. Hopefully, this will guide you to a more fruitful ending to your day or meal at Bouchon Bakery. That’s if you’re going to visit there within the week or so. The millefeuille is a standard pastry though.


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  1. Robyn says:

    I don’t like raspberry + chocolate either! HIGH FIIIIVE!…um…

    I also don’t really like millefeille, not that it makes me recoil in horror, but I’d rather eat…like…most other things.

    Man, you eat everything at Bouchon. ;)

  2. thewanderingeater says:

    Robyn: Um, “yay!” and *high five back at you* for not liking raspberry and chocolate…?

    Millefeille is tasty stuff but if it isn’t prepared that well or it isn’t fresh enough then it would make sense not to like it.

    It’s unfortunately true that I ate almost everything (practically 90% of their stuff) at Bouchon but I feel I should stay away from them and find other gems near my campus.

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