Little Bits of Announcements…

I’m not writing an official food post today, just because I’m (supposed to) writing a ten page paper but only up to page three. Woohooo… Enough with my crappy, soul-sucking, academic life, here’s a bit of random announcements that are food related that you may want to know about or participate in.

Those of you who like to participate in voting and write mini-reviews your favorite eating establishments in New York City, go to Zagat and after you’re done voting you get a FREE copy of the 2008 New York City Restaurants guide! Start voting now to May 18th. (Thanks for the e-mail reminder, Michael, who writes the Big Apple Dining Guide).

Bouchon Bakery had started their Passover/Easter menu that is available only for a limited time. Some things that are “seasonal” are the matzoh quiche ($7.95), chocolate babka ($18), a large chocolate-dipped coconut macaroon ($4), large, adorable Easter bunny cookies ($3), and some Easter themed chocolates ($6-$38). I’m working on their some of their seasonal confections/desserts/pastries, so be patient with my food review that will come in a couple of days that post will be loaded with sugary goodness and fat.

One last announcement pertaining to the macaron hunt on Sunday with Robyn and I…and everyone else who’s coming. I went to La Maison du Chocolat recently because I caved in for their cute yet sophisticated Easter chocolates (I’m saving macarons on macaron day. I’m not that mean). Here’s the photos of the announcement…

Front side
New Macaron Flavors @ La Maison du Chocolat! Just click on the photo for a larger version.


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  1. thewanderingeater says:

    Doug: Bouchon pay me? I don’t think Thomas Keller would give a damn what I really think since I’m no Frank Bruni of the NY Times. But thanks for thinking by reviews are excellent. :)

    I’m almost done with that paper now…I just need to work on another research paper. Oh joy. At least I have part of my spring break to write endlessly.

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