Hankerin' for some Gorg and Figs

I’ve been having a huge craving for blue cheese and figs for the past week that it’s been driving me crazy!

Well, since my mom wanted me to cook dinner for her, I thought of going for a two or three course menu and it one has to be involved with the fig and blue cheese (since I want to eat them). I remember skimming through one of Mario Batali’s books, Molto Italiano, in Barnes & Nobles a couple of months ago in the city about a simple appetizer that involves with fresh figs that is stuffed with gorgonzola cheese and wrapped in prosciutto.

Since fresh figs are out of season, I thought of using dried figs and reconstitute it in balsamic vinegar for 5-7 minutes. This reduces the balsamic to a certain level of sweetness from the reduction process and the dried figs’ sugar.

I then took out the figs, cut the tops off and stuff it with gorgonzola dolce cheese with a pastry bag. The reason I used gorgonzola dolce is the fact that my mom’s not enamored with blue cheese, generally. So this is a ploy of sorts to get to her to like blue cheese. Then I wrap it in some prosciutto di parma and torch it briefly with my hand held blowtorch.

As for plating, I used the center for the toasted rosemary bread with a thin slice of gorgonzola dolce, to reinforce what I used in this course. Then surround it with the prosciutto wrapped figs. The reduced balsamic vinegar is dotted in between the spaces of the figs and drizzled down the slice of gorgonzola dolce.
The wine of choice to pair this course was a 2005 Côtes du Rhône from Château du Trignon that I bought from Chelsea Vault Wines for about $12. It was recommended by a guy who works there. It’s medium bodied, yet filling in the mouth, dry yet it was a nice lightness to contrast all the flavors that is going on in that plate. I like this wine and the price isn’t so bad either.
If you’re wondering if I drank a lot. No, I just drank a glass that you see in that photo. I have a low tolerance for alcohol. Period.


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