Lunch @ Roll & Dough (orig. post 9/7/06)

For lunch, I traveled uptown (sort of) to the West Village to my previous posts that I would visit the Bing Lady. The establishment’s actual name is Roll & Dough, located at W3rd St just off 6th Ave. This place is much raved about in the NY Times and my favorite food forum, Chowhound, so it pretty much got me curious if it’s that good.

Roll & Dough

The chicken bun looked appetizing; it had a nice shiny glaze and a beautiful golden brown color on the bread. After breaking it up in half with my hands, the bread is very soft, the glaze is actually a sugar/honey mixture (it’s a little sticky and tasted sweet) and slightly warm. The filling consisted of chunks of chicken (mostly dark meat, I think), scallion, and a certain gravy or brown sauce (thinking: soy sauce, a touch of oyster sauce and bound together with a cornstarch slurry). The problem is that there is a higher ratio of bread than filling. The taste, as a whole, is satisfactory. The soft, sweetness of the bread does counteract the salty, pepperiness of the filling but it’s not harmonious enough to my palate to say that it’s a great bun. But I have to say it’s way better than what I get from Flushing these days.

The pork and chive bing. Well, I had high expectations to have my mind blown off from this bing since everyone I read have said this is good stuff. I guess from this mind set, I thought it was very good, but not epiphany good. The crunchy exterior and the nutty flavor of the toasted sesame seeds goes very well with the salty (in a good way) pork & chive filling. The filling has a nice oniony flavor from the chives and a hint of garlic flavor. I really like it. If I ever eat here again (which will be likely) I will stick with their bings – which is what they’re known for.


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  1. Cathy says:

    yeah, i went here expecting a lot but was really disappointed. i got the taro bing as well as the chive one, and they were okay. nothing special.

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