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SriPraPhai Thai Restaurant in Woodside, Queens

SriPraPhai’s exterior and interior; Our glasses of Thai iced tea and Thai iced coffee SriPraPhai has been the highly touted Thai restaurant in the New York City area ever since 2004 or so. I have admit, I did not venture out to SriPraPhai until this past weekend. It’s a pilgrimage to head out to the middle of Queens where public transportation is relatively limited and you’d have to walk through blocks of ethnic shops to find this understated restaurant. Thankfully, when my dining companion and I arrived there about quarter past noon on a Sunday, it didn’t have a line,..

Excellent Thai at Zabb Elee in East Village

On the sweltering 4th of July, we went to Zabb Elee for dinner. It seemed apt to have Thai food since Thailand tend to have the hot, humid weather almost all year round and their cuisine would adapt well to the climate. Also we craved a vibrant, robust flavored meal. Zaab Elee was lauded by many food enthusiasts and food writers like Dave Cook (who wrote for The New York Times) so we presumed this wouldn’t disappoint. We came in with high expectations and they haven’t proved us wrong. So here’s what we ate… (more…)