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Dinner at ChicoJulio Bodega del Mar

Recently we had a solid Mexican taco dinner at ChicoJulio in the Upper West Side. Once you step through the doors, it opens to an airy space with a handsome stocked with flights of mezcal, bacanora and pechuga (a Mexican liquor distilled using a chicken). As great as this was, we’re here for the food and here’s what we started with: (more…)

Great Mexican at Estrellita Poblana IV

Estrellita Poblana IV’s menu, horchata, tortilla chips and salsa, fresh guacamole Mexican food is one of the few cuisines Manhattan does best. A friend of mine asserted that the Bronx has the best Mexican, even better than Brooklyn. With a statement like that, how can I not try it? We schlepped all the way up to Estrellita Poblana IV, a Bronx based mini-chain of restaurants that serves very authentic Mexican fare for dinner. We started off with the fresh in-house made guacamole ($5.45) that’s terribly addictive to eat with the tortilla chips. The horchata ($2.50) was refreshing to drink –..

Lunch Outings at Pampano Taqueria and BLT Burger

For something more NYC-oriented for you, I had two lunch excursions during lunch last week – a solo outing to Pampano Taqueria and lunch with Drew at BLT Burger. For the past week, I had a major craving for guacamole and I can’t explain why. I remembered from NYC Food Guy about his post, claiming that Pampano Taqueria serves the best pork and fish tacos in Midtown. Since it’s not too far from where I work (it’s just two subway stops and walk a few blocks), I dragged my butt over to the unmarked building with what seems like a..