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Sweet Taste of Tradition – Wagashi at Tokyo Mise (鶴屋吉信)

Tokyo Mise is located on the ground floor of Corredo Muromachi 3 in the very upscale district Nihonbashi. It is both a sit-down tea salon and a retail space where one can pick up a couple of sweets to go. Tokyo Mise is founded in 1803, headquartered in the Nishijin district of Kyoto and serving wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) that reflect the four seasons and based around the Japanese tea culture, including matcha green tea. Tsuruya Yoshinobu (Tokyo Mise’s parent company) expanded to Tokyo’s Nihonbashi area for clients to savor freshly made treats made in front of their eyes by..

Incredible Doughnuts from Trou de Beigne in Montreal, Canada

My dozen of Trou de Beigne Doughnuts This past weekend, I made a brief trip up to Montreal for a photography assignment for Complexity. Since I knew this particular trip was coming up, I asked around who makes really good doughnuts around Montreal? After some research and who had more flexible hours, I found Trou de Beigne. (Who knew Montreal are like the traditional French compatriots? Many shops close early on Sundays and not many open on Mondays.) Trou de Beigne is a premium, artisan doughnut brand that makes the freshest, tastiest doughnuts I’ve had in a long time. Anywhere...

Federal Donuts (Philadelphia, PA)

Federal Donuts is arguably one of the hot spots for donuts and fried chicken in Philly. It’s owned by Chef Michael Solomonov, the same person who runs Zahav (which I unfortunately didn’t have the time to eat there). Prepping for their fried chicken We visited this famed donut at their Center City location as it’s the closest to our hotel and had an planned for an early morning breakfast of the said donuts. (more…)

Nickel Diner’s Donuts (Los Angeles, California)

Donuts from Nickel Diner One of my best friends told me she’s flying out to Los Angeles to meet up with a few friends during the Easter weekend. Knowing how LA has a vibrant, interesting scene for donuts, I cannot resist asking her to pick some up for me and sent her a few ideas where she can find some. She happily obliged and went to Nickel Diner. (more…)

Delicious Chocolates at Chocolat Moderne (NYC)

At Chocolat Moderne: Tempered chocolate and lots of chocolate bonbons (seen here: Kumquat and The Devotion collection) About a week ago, I was invited to meet the founder and chocolatier Joan Coukos of Chocolat Moderne. When you arrive to the factory, it’s actually part retail and offices. The main door leads you to the chocolate making area where you will inhale the intoxicating aroma of chocolate. There’s a partitioned area of sorts where you would find a long table filled with mesmerizing gems of exotic, globally inspired chocolate bonbons and their signature coral colored boxes of flavored chocolate bars. Chocolat..

Holiday Sweets Gift Guide 2011

Here’s the next edition of the holiday gift guide: it’s all about sweets. Chocolates, cakes, cookies, confections, and ice cream. Hopefully, you won’t go into a sugar high by just looking at the photos but these are a number of notable sweets that I like a lot. Have thoughts of other brands or sweets I should try? Please comment below and I might consider in the near future. A quick refresher as to how to look through this gift guide: Your computer/mobile device has to be capable of viewing Flash. (iPad and iPhone users, please view the PDF version of..