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Easter Chocolates, Wines and Spirits

Easter is coming around the corner very soon. For those who do celebrate this religiously and gave up chocolates or alcoholic beverages for Lent, I guess this is your list of things you could try when Easter arrives. For everyone else, this is something to indulge for that holiday weekend. Chocolates La Maison du Chocolat: Small Praline Egg Coffret As a longtime fan of La Maison du Chocolat, you can never go wrong with this luxurious French chocolate house. Their small praline egg coffret ($56) might be steep in terms of pricing but you’re getting superbly made chocolates. Underneath the..

Revol – Amazing and Beautiful French Porcelain

Grands Classiques Collection: Lion head soup bowl with large dried scallops We know how limited storage space we have in the kitchen, especially living in New York City, so finding plates, pots, and pans that is practical, beautiful, and ideally, multipurpose. I discovered Revol France porcelain dinner and cookware for my home. Revol’s porcelain ware are all dishwasher, oven, freezer and microwave safe making it versatile for everyday use and it looks amazing at the table.

Cloister Honey

Assortment of Cloister Honey honeys Cloister Honey is a small, artisanal honey company owned and run by a friendly couple, Joanne Young and Randall York, hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina. This business started this out of a beekeeping hobby three years ago when Joanne bought for Randall as a Christmas present. Now, they own thirteen hives and place them in three locations within the Charlotte area, depending upon the foliage growing. What got my attention about their honeys were the fact that I didn’t know honey was produced at North Carolina. Sure, I know there’s honey produced down in the..

Peanut Butter & Co.’s Cake Mix and Flavored Peanut Butters

Peanut Butter & Co.’s Cupcake Mix & Flavored Peanut Butters I admire Peanut Butter & Co.‘s peanut butters for years ever since they started selling their jarred peanut butters. My personal favorite is the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl; it’s like my Nutella, I eat it straight of the jar with a spoon. It’s perfect by itself combining sweet spice with the earthy peanut butter.

Hario Coffee Equipment

In case you haven’t know for many years, I’m a coffee obsessed person. Pretty similar to oenophiles, the pizza snobs, like the writers and readers of Slice, or any other particular food and beverage item that nears obsession to some hearts. Being a devoted consumer of several coffee establishments in New York City like Blue Bottle Coffee, Joe: The Art of Coffee, and Stumptown, the pour-over technique is, or has, become in vogue as of the past year. I’ve bought many cups of coffee brewed this way, including Chemex, and it tastes amazing. The subtle nuances of the beans (fruitiness..

Tortuga’s Rum Cakes

Shipments of Tortuga Rum Cakes The past week, the kind people of Tortuga Rum Cake shipped me a bunch of their wonderful rum cakes as gifts. Flavors ranging from their Original to the more exotic flavors like Orange, Banana, and Blue Mountain Coffee. Coconut Rum Cake A few of my favorites of the bunch were the Coconut, Blue Mountain Coffee and the Key Lime rum cakes because of it’s amazing balance between the potent flavor of what the cakes are (like coffee tastes like real coffee, not the artificial flavoring crap) with their own rum. They’re moist, fine-crumbed, and dense..