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Brunch at Mercadito

As some of you, my readers, I have mixed feelings about brunch. I do love having a relaxed daytime, weekend meal at a restaurant but I dislike the fact of seeing ordinary breakfast food that I can make at home. Thankfully, since I’m in the melting pot of culture and restaurants in New York City, there’s hope for me. Mercadito’s exterior and interiors Stumbling upon Mercadito’s email about their brunch* it seemed like a good idea to try a Mexican brunch. I managed to convince my brother to get out of his apartment the past Sunday and meet up with..

Lunch Outings at Pampano Taqueria and BLT Burger

For something more NYC-oriented for you, I had two lunch excursions during lunch last week – a solo outing to Pampano Taqueria and lunch with Drew at BLT Burger. For the past week, I had a major craving for guacamole and I can’t explain why. I remembered from NYC Food Guy about his post, claiming that Pampano Taqueria serves the best pork and fish tacos in Midtown. Since it’s not too far from where I work (it’s just two subway stops and walk a few blocks), I dragged my butt over to the unmarked building with what seems like a..

A (Disappointing) Dinner at Cabrito

Cabrito’s Menu Cabrito, the former BarFry space where white tiles and the Japanese-inspired tempura that made this place, transformed into a loud, tequila-heavy bar that serves Mexican-inspired street food. I wanted to try Cabrito just because of the chef, David Schuttenberg, formerly of Fatty Crab. Back when I went to Fatty Crab the past fall for brunch and it quite good, so my hopes that he’ll carry the similar quality of cooking to Mexican food here. (more…)