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Samwon Garden Korean BBQ (NYC)

[Translate] Samwon Garden is an upscale (but not that expensive) big, three-floor restaurant that is the first American location of South Korea’s oldest Korean barbecue chain. We started with a very good bowl of Korean fried chicken tossed in a sweet-savory soy and garlic sauce. Super crunchy crust and the meat was moist. The egg souffle topped with spicy cod roe was a popular dish around the various tables on our floor. The steaming hot pot of egg was cooked nicely and the cod roe added a touch of brine. (more…)

Lunch at BCD Tofu

[Translate] Earlier last week, I went to BCD Tofu with my mom for lunch. She craved Korean food and I asked my best friend, Helen for suggestions a few days earlier (she’s Korean, so she knows what’s good), this ended up as the destination of choice. Admittedly, BCD is sort of on the hype end of the Koreatown spectrum besides the soon-to-be-opening Kyochon Chicken but at least I found some respite of not seeing cameras compared to Baohaus. Interior When we entered this restaurant, we’re greeted with a hostess in Korean and asked for seating for two. After sitting down..