Samwon Garden Korean BBQ (NYC)

Partial interior of third floor dining area
Dak Nalgae Twigim - Marinated fried chicken wings with soy and garlic sauce
Egg souffle with spicy cod roe

Samwon Garden is an upscale (but not that expensive) big, three-floor restaurant that is the first American location of South Korea’s oldest Korean barbecue chain.

We started with a very good bowl of Korean fried chicken tossed in a sweet-savory soy and garlic sauce. Super crunchy crust and the meat was moist. The egg souffle topped with spicy cod roe was a popular dish around the various tables on our floor. The steaming hot pot of egg was cooked nicely and the cod roe added a touch of brine.

Saewoojang uni dup bap - Cured shrimp and uni over rice

We opted for something that isn’t seen often in Korean barbecue restaurants (at least the ones I’ve been to) is saewoojang uni dup bap, cured shrimp and uni over rice. It’s unfortunate that it’s not ordered often since it’s delicious. The creamy, silky textures of the raw egg yolk, cured shrimp and uni makes it seductive against the perfectly cooked rice and the contrast of temperatures. I would order another bowl if I didn’t have more food.

Samwon Galbi (namesake marinated beef short rib) and raw head of garlic and pork belly
Grilling the Samwon galbi

The main draw of this evening is the barbecue. We opted for the namesake Samwon galbi and pork belly. The galbi is a marinated beef short rib that’s sweet and savory. The pork belly was seasoned just right. One of staff members came to our table and grilled each meat to perfection. It’s great if you’re having a large group dinner and need to entertain or chat to your group.

We were really full by the time we finished dinner and it was satisfying. What really makes this restaurant stand out is the service. There is a person opening the door for you when you enter (and leave) the restaurant. Water bottles are refilled without uttering a word. Empty plates whisked away when empty.

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Samwon Garden Korean BBQ

Official Website
37 W 32nd Street
New York, NY 10001
Phone: (212) 695-3131


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