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Homemade Egg Tarts (Dan Tats; 蛋撻) and Mid-Autumn Festival

Tray full of homemade egg tarts (assortment of flavors) with oolong tea Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! (中秋節快樂!) to those who celebrate this holiday. As everyone knows you’re supposed to have a piece of the traditional pastry, the mooncake (like the snowskin version I made two weeks ago or the baked version last year). While there are traditions for each ethnicity and even within different cities within China, this fall harvest holiday is like any other Chinese holiday that I know of – there’s bound to be a feast. My family is planning to make roast pork belly (sieu yuk; 烧肉) like..

Dinners at Sportful Garden Restaurant, Hong Kong

My Hong Kong/China vacation took place on April 29 – May 10, 2009. As you might know, I post at a very slow pace, so please bear with me. This is a summary of my two dinners at Sportful Garden Restaurant. During the evenings of my second and fourth days of vacation, my aunt and uncle planned dinners at Sportful Garden Restaurant to celebrate my cousin’s (their daughter) wedding. (In case you don’t know, there’s a lot of food involved in Chinese wedding traditions.) My aunt was the mastermind behind these dinners – one was to try it out with..

Summary of Meals During The Month of March

Apologies for the almost non-existence of me blogging. It’s been hectic for the past month with my mom’s health went on limbo; going back and forth from home to the hospital. She’s fine for the time being and at home. As for me, I haven’t been eating out a whole lot because of my mom and been living off of lots of coffee but still tired despite being caffeinated. Buh. I can’t win. Anyhoo, here’s where I’ve been to whilst I have a few hours to myself during the month of March. Discovery of Soup Dumplings in the Upper East..

Hot Chocolate from Vosges, Dim Sum Feast at Chatham Square Restaurant and My First Taste of Bubble Tea

The day after my [cref holiday-dinner-at-payard Payard dinner], I was crazy enough to schedule to have dim sum with my friends, Seungmi and Giulia, whom I haven’t seen for months. I love these girls to death but hell, my stomach’s filled with French food and desserts and after that evening, I thought I couldn’t eat anymore. Obviously, I underestimated my hunger… (more…)