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Flour Bakery (Boston, MA)

Entrance to Flour Bakery (Back Bay location); Interior; Sweet orange rolls and Doughnut sugar muffins Flour Bakery (the bakery currently have 4 locations) was our first stop on our weekend holiday trip to Boston. What prompted us to go there first is because of the delicious memories I had when the James Beard nominated Chef Joanne Chang cooked at the James Beard House for afternoon tea. Since then, it was bookmarked in my brain to visit Chef Chang’s bakery and it finally happened. We went to the Back Bay location since it’s close to our hotel, The Mandarin Oriental. This..

Alexander’s Steakhouse, San Francisco

I rarely eat at a steakhouse. For the most part, I tend to think steakhouses are masculine, darkly lit places that just care about large slabs of well-marbled beef. Except when I visited Alexander’s Steakhouse in San Francisco with my family very recently, I will make an exception. Alexander’s Steakhouse is a contemporary, urban, handsome, upscale steakhouse and if you do look at their food menu, it has Asian touches. There’s exposed brick walls, booth tables and open kitchen that define the restaurant’s loft-like space. There is an upstairs dining area that is slightly more private dining area that floods..

Meet-Up Dinner (Sort of) at The Meatball Shop

Interior: The dining room (left) and down the bar (right) About a week ago, I had dinner with an old friend, Michael and meeting a new one, one of NY Times’ freelance photographers, Evan Sung at the Meatball Shop in the Lower East Side. A casual, fun, nostalgic meal that’s causing quite a media stir that specializes on their namesake – meatballs. Entering the small, already bustling restaurant at 6:45 PM, one would see the aged-looking walls decorated in black and white portraits and vintage kitchen tools (like hand-cranked meat grinders) and a tinned ceiling. Two-top tables strewn against the..

French Invasion at P.S. 1 Contemporary Arts Center in L.I.C. – The good and the bad

Originally taken place on September 26, 2009. Inside Le Fooding About a month or so prior to the Le Fooding event at P.S. 1, almost every major website (like NY Times’ Dining Journal and Serious Eats) wrote about them, pretty much bringing a lot of hype, arguably speaking, to this particular weekend. I was psyched to get some tickets for two main reasons: it was inexpensive ($30 for general admission) and you get to taste some food that’s not from the NYC area. Things is, when we (as in Helen, Seungmi, Michael and I) got there in person with our..

Cheecake at Birdbath & Lunch at Fiamma

Notes: In case you haven’t noticed, I’m approximately a week behind what I should be blogging about. Somehow after finishing school, I’m becoming a lazy bum, just procrastinating the inevitable task of writing a post. Anyways, this is a post that’s taken place last Tuesday. If you want to jump to the review of my lunch at Fiamma, click here. Somehow, I went backwards that I started my afternoon with dessert. A decadent, dense one in fact: a chocolate cheesecake at Birdbath. Birdbath’s pastries and COOKIES! (more…)

Landmarc for Breakfast (2 occurences)

I’m becoming a familiar face for Landmarc. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing that I actually spend my time at Time Warner Center so often. Anyways, I went to Landmarc three times (including the earlier post when it opened on the second day) and counting now. The second time I went to Landmarc was the day after I wrote about Landmarc the first time. In other words I went there the third day of their opening. I went there for breakfast but I ended up ordering from their lunch menu (which is available during the morning)..