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A friend and I visited Lisbon back in November and for a few nights we stayed at Lumen Hotel. We’ve decided to stay there because of its proximity to the city center but it’s not close to the madness of tourists swirling about. The Lumen Hotel has a dazzling immersive, installation experience to boot. The property opened in July 2021 in the central Picoas neighborhood slightly north of Lisbon’s central Baixa district. This superior 4-star hotel combines efficiency, comfort and a solid dining option with ultra-modern interiors and the star of the show is its immersive light experience which takes place every evening in the central courtyard using video mapping technology. 

The vision for the space producing what is an inviting contemporary building with sophisticated lines that blends into its environment. Inside a chessboard design emphasizes light and dark, with straight and diagonal lines providing a dynamic energy throughout the communal areas. Interiors are the work of Nuno Gusmão from Atelier P06 (public spaces) and Barbara Neto from Lemon Variance (rooms), who took inspiration from the tones of sunlight during the golden hour. They have captured this time in the tones, materials and sensory experience. So much so guests are encouraged to linger longer thanks to the building design which lets natural light flood in the interior spaces and guest rooms. Indeed, as the name suggests, light is a central theme of the Lumen Hotel.

Executive Suite Room
Executive Suite Room
Executive Suite Room - Living Room

Rooms are finished in one of three tones of color inspired by dawn, sunset and dusk. Golden Dawn, whose yellows reflect the vibrant tones of dawn; Copper Nightfall, whose oranges and reds are reminiscent of the warm colors of sunset; and Pure Light, whose greys contrast the light and shadow in the minutes before nightfall.

They have a range of beautiful suites which are located on their own floor with free access to their own executive meeting room.

Clorofila Restaurant

Restaurant dining room

This is the hotel’s fine dining outlet, where Chef Celso Dias creates Portuguese flavors for modern sharing served in a relaxed contemporary atmosphere. Like the menu, the wine list includes prestigious Portuguese offerings. The cuisine offered is a unique mashup of Portuguese ingredients and flavors with global influences.

Courtyard/Outdoor dining area
Courtyard before the lightshow

Every night, the walls of the hotel’s courtyard turn into a stage. Via a projection of images and sound, viewers are shown a presentation of the city: The Lisbon Light Show. Lasting 15 minutes, which incorporates the hotel architecture, integrating technology into the vertical surface of the space. Images are projected from the hotel’s rooftop, but the 3D perspective ensures it is equally effective seen from the ground or sixth floor (as there are rooms with privileged views of this daily event on all of them).

The Lumen Hotel offers a great base to stay in Lisbon with room rates at a good price point for the luxury on offer. The onsite restaurant Clorofila offers good quality food and the light show turns a dinner into a unique evening of entertainment.

Lumen Hotel Lisbon
Address: R. Sousa Martins nº 20, 1050-217 Lisboa, Portugal
Google Map
Website: https://www.lumenhotel.pt/en

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