Chart House at Golden Nugget Atlantic City (Atlantic City, NJ)

View of the Marina from my seat
View of marina from my table

For old-school, fine dining with stunning views of the marina in Atlantic City, I’d point you over to Chart House in Golden Nugget.

10 ounce Chart House Cut Prime Rib (rare)
Chart House 10-ounce prime rib
Seafood Pescatore - shrimp, scallops, clams, lobster, pomodoro sauce over linguine
Seafood pescatore with spaghetti
Grand Marnier soufflé with crème anglaise sauce
Pouring creme anglaise sauce over Grand Marnier souffle

The menu is filled with upscale classics from another dining era like Oysters Rockefeller (which were very good), prime house that’s cooked beautifully, various pasta dishes that were cooked very nicely, and a dessert I never thought I would ever see again – the made to order Grand Marnier soufflé.

To briefly explain, the French soufflé had its moment back in the late 1970s and 1980s and it fallen out of favor by the 90s (French cuisine wasn’t hip any more since). This ethereal dessert that tend to be to made à la minute and eaten no later than ten minutes before it looks like a sad, fallen balloon.

When our appetizers arrived, our waitress informed us that they do have the mentioned house’s special dessert and requested us to inform her by the end of us finishing this course to inform the pastry kitchen to make this on time. I saw the glorious puffy dish ordered by the table next to us while we were eating our appetizers and I knew I must have one. I stuck with the creme anglaise sauce instead of raspberry since I don’t want the tartness of the berries to potentially detract the liqueur used in the pastry.

We had our main courses of prime rib, roast rack of lamb, seafood pescatore pasta and Parmesan crusted snapper – they were all delicious. Plates were cleared and provided with dessert plates and spoons. A few minutes later, she arrived with the masterpiece and gracefully set it on our table, dove a spoon into the beautifully golden brown soufflé and poured the silky creme anglaise sauce. We dove right in since we know time is precious with this baked cloud. And it was worth the wait. The dessert is piping hot, very delicately sweetened and it was perfect. We did order a slice of key lime pie too and while the pie was done well, the soufflé was the better dessert.

Overall, I’ve greatly enjoyed this meal. It’s old school cooking in the best way that makes me feel nostalgic – even though I admit I am not old enough to know what is life like in the 70s or most of the 80s. Nevertheless, any person who enjoys eating the decadent food and it’s cooked very well would appreciate this experience. The service is friendly and professional.

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Chart House at Golden Nugget Atlantic City
Huron Avenue & Brigantine Boulevard
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Tel. +1 (609) 340-5030