Cocktails and Great Pizza at Dry Milano (Milan, Italy)

Back of bar Life and South Italia 75 cocktails

For a place that serves good cocktails and pizza in Milan, do head to Dry Milano. The bar section itself is beautiful with the small dangling lights by the windows and there is a large communal table for a large party who does want to hang out near the door. There is a larger dining room space at the back with many tables and modern abstract video stills displayed on the wall.

We started off with cocktails called Life and the South Italia 75. The latter is a weekly pick from the staff and it is an interesting drink that reminds me of my childhood grape flavored juice except this has alcoholic content probably because of the Sangue Molacco cherry liqueur and wild berries compote mixed with the vodka. The Life cocktail was surprisingly refreshing made of Tanqueray 10 gin, tonka bean, banana liqueur, oregat and egg white.

Vitello tonnato focaccia
Prosciutto topped focaccia

We started off with house made focaccia with our drinks. One topped with prosciutto and the other with the classic Piedmontese Italian dish vitello tonnato. Of the two, we truly enjoyed the vitello tonnato as the creamy tuna sauce has so much incredible flavor that we wanted the actual dish (but the restaurant does not serve it like that unfortunately). The prosciutto was good too but we know what to expect. The focaccia was served warm and it had the right textures of delicately crisp and great chew.

Penicillin (in a cute 150cc bottle) - Johnny Walker Black Label, ginger liquor, Talisker Skye, lemon
Penicillin (in a cute 150cc bottle) - Johnny Walker Black Label, ginger liquor, Talisker Skye, lemon

The Dry Penicillin was presented in a cheeky medicine bottle with a 150cc label and its ingredients to play with the cocktail’s name and the actual antibiotic. The cocktail was delicious that it isn’t too sweet, a hint of ginger, and not too heavy on the Johnnie Walker Black label Scotch whisky.

Guanciale croccante, crema di Parmigiano, sauteed savoy cabbage, fior di latte Ventricina - Creamy spicy sausage, salted shallot, fior di latte mozzarella Calzone Speck - Speck, spinach, buffalo ricotta, smoked provolone cheese

Not like we didn’t have enough carbs for one night, we had three pizzas. The weekly special of Guanciale croccante, crema di Parmigiano, sauteed savoy cabbage, fior di latte was delicious. The nicely crisped, rich and fatty guanciale strips permeated the porky, bacon-like goodness all over the pizza. The bitter savoy cabbage gave enough contrasting bites to the rich creamy Parmigiano cheese sauce and fior di latte. The Venticina, a spicy sausage and shallot pizza was deeply savory and a touch of sweet from the large petals of deep caramelized shallots. The Cicoria Salata topped with sauteed chicory, Mediterranean anchovies, and mozzarella fior di latte was very good as well. The deep bitter flavors of the chicory matched the briny, salinity of the anchovies that it created a bold flavored pizza. This pizza is not for the palate who does not like bitter, fishy flavors.

The pizza crust textures is akin to the pizza Napoletana style where the thin crust and has an interior that is moist, poofy, and cloud-like chew.

Despite the fact we truly indulged the amount of bread in one evening, it was an enjoyable night. The restaurant has a laid back feel but the food and drinks were pretty darn good.

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Dry Milano

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Viale Vittorio Veneto, 28

20124 Milano MI, ItalyPhone: +39 02 6347 1564

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