Great Roman-Style Pizza at Marta

Dining room
The open kitchen with huge brick wood fire burning ovens
Dinner and drinks menu

Union Square Hospitality Group’s Danny Meyer and Chef Nick Anderer (formerly of Maialino), recently started a rustic Roman pizzeria, Marta inside the Martha Washington Hotel. A self-proclaimed Rome fanatic, Anderer fell in love with the capital city’s thin, crackly crusted rounds, which he pulls from two wood-burning ovens and a nine-foot-long wood grill.

This place was buzzing within the first few weeks of opening. Tables were fully booked when my friend and I thought just to head over there for dinner on a recent, cold and wet, early Saturday evening. Since we didn’t have reservations at least they have bar seats that could accommodate us and about ten other fellow diners who are dropping in for a meal.

At the bar

Salsicca topped with Mozzarella, Pork Sausage, Crimini Mushrooms

We opted for sticking with the pizzas since we love our carbs. As everyone has said or written, the pizzas’ crust were definitely matzoh cracker thin yet slightly chewy. It’s not the Neapolitan or New York style pizza we New Yorkers are accustomed to. It does not have the fold able slices that have a slight droop or sogginess at the center. Because of this particular thinness, the pizza doesn’t necessarily weigh you down and the crust’s flavor is mostly neutral save for the kiss of smoke from the wood fire oven.

The Salsicca ($16) topped with mozzarella, pork sausage, and crimini mushrooms was delicious. Wonderfully balanced pizza of nicely spiced sausage, the small pools of milky mozzarella, and earthy mushrooms.

Patate alla Carbonara (or Potato carbonara)

The Patate alla Carbonara ($17) gotten the attention of my friend, as he is a potato fiend and this pizza was pretty darn ingenious. The crumbled, waxy, golden potatoes, the creamy coddled egg, subtly salty bite of pecorino, and the crisp guanciale. We wouldn’t have mind having this for brunch every week.

Buckwheat tart filled with sweet risotto pudding, ginger apple jam, and fresh apple

We primarily chose the buckwheat tart ($7) filled with sweet risotto pudding, ginger apple jam, and fresh apple just because I don’t normally make rice pudding, save the fact it’s in a tart. This tart was very good. Buttery, crumbly yet crisp buckwheat tart and the creamy risotto pudding that’s delicately spiced by the ginger. The apple jam and julliened apple made it refreshing.

I would definitely come back again for the cooked dishes. When we saw other dishes flying by us, heading to our neighbors, they looked really good.

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