Valentine's Day Pastries at Financier Patisserie

Large Couer de Passion Cake
Large heart-shaped Passion Au Chocolat cake

Financier Patisserie has a Valentine’s Day collection of pastries that are inspired by the shape of the heart and flavors related to the holiday.

If you have a large spread like I do, throw a sweet and festive afternoon tea with friends – whether or not you are you have a significant other in your life.

The heart-shaped “couer” line of cakes come in two sizes, the small (serves up to 2 people) is $15 and the large (serves 4 to 6 people) is $35.

Their passion au chocolate is consisted of a layer of moist almond macaron, dark chocolate mousse, passion fruit-almond mousse, and glazed chocolate. Delectable and light, creamy textures. I adored the balance of slightly sweet dark chocolate and the complex tart and fruity passion fruit.

Tiramisu Coeur de Cafe

The tiramisu coeur de café was a sublime tiramisu. The flavors comes together tastes like a creamy cappuccino. The coffee flavored ladyfinger biscuit gave it some substance to the layers of cloud-like mascarpone mousse and coffee mascarpone mousse.

Coeur de Berries cake Coeur de Berries cake

The coeur de berries really looks like a Valentine’s Day cake with its bright red color of the raspberry glaze. It’s layered with a lady finger biscuit, ethereal berries cheesecake mousse, red berries mousse, and topped with the shiny, tart raspberries glaze. A wonderful balance of sweet, tart and fruity raspberry flavors.

Valentine's Day macarons

Financier also has an adorable version of bi-colored macarons (a sleeve of 7 macarons for $10.50) of pink and brown to reflect the colors of raspberry and chocolate. The slightly crisp almond meringues sandwiching the creamy raspberry chocolate ganache.

If you need a last minute Valentine’s Day dessert, Financier has many options to satisfy the sweet tooth. Happy Valentine’s Day!

To view more photos of the Valentine’s Day pastries, please view the slideshow below (or CLICK HERE):

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