Caraway papadum and menus Interior
Papadum with Prune’s menus & Interior

Last night, I figured to have dinner with a my friends last night at Prune. Admittedly, it’s been a while since I’ve been to this excellent restaurant for dinner (I’m a long time fan for brunch) so I came armed with my camera and the Weryoo app to share my photos.

Weryoo is a new photo sharing community that allows you to pin/locate where you’ve taken your photos, given the fact you’ve allowed your camera or any photo taking app (if you’re not using Weryoo’s camera directly) with the locate function on. It’s fun and a bit different than other photo sharing apps out there.

Brooklyn Lager beer Grilled octopus, fried chickpeas, broken vinaigrette
Fried sweetbreads, bacon, capers Roasted bone marrow, parsley salad and gray sea salt
Brooklyn Lager; Grilled Octopus; Fried Sweetbread; Roasted bone marrow

We started out with clinking bottles of Brooklyn lager ($5) to toast the pre-holiday craze. The appetizers of grilled octopus, fried chickpeas, broken vinaigrette ($18; my Weryoo photo), fried sweetbreads, bacon, capers ($18; my Weryoo photo), and roasted bone marrow, parsley salad and gray sea salt ($17; my Weryoo photo) were simply delicious. The grilled octopus was tender and adored the briny, black olive vinaigrette to bring the octopus to life. The fried sweetbreads were delectable fried nuggets of offal with the sharp capers and bright lemon to lighten up the dish. The roasted bone marrows took the longest to prepare (we indulged on the previously mentioned dishes before it arrived) and it’s worth the wait if you love the unctuous, greasy (in a good way) marrow on your grilled toast. Thankfully, the acidic, shallot flecked, parsley salad eased the fatty glory of the marrow.

Grilled quails, parsley salad on seeded toast
Grilled quails, parsley salad on seeded toast

We split our main courses since we wanted to get a taste of a little bit of everything. The grilled quails, parsley salad on seeded toast ($29; my Weryoo photo) was my personal favorite. The little birds cooked to a perfect medium was well seasoned. The sauce and the heavily seeded (of black and white sesame seeds, and poppy seeds) toast was pleasantly spicy from the red chili flakes mixed and the floral-nutty flavor of poppy seeds dominated on my palate.

Seared duck breast, caramelized cippolini onions, dandelion greens

The seared duck breast, caramelized cipollini onions, and dandelion greens ($32; my Weryoo photo) was tasty. Medium-well temperature duck breast sitting in a shallow pool of delicious jus and sweet onions. The dandelion greens added just enough bitterness to balance the potentially heavy dish.

Braised lamb shank with gremolata

The braised lamb shank with gremolata ($28; my Weryoo photo) is a man’s dream dish, in a way. It speaks to the primitive man to hold onto the long bone and gnaw that lamb shank. Thankfully, my friends didn’t do that and actually carve it. Except during the second helping, one of my (male) friends pick up the shank on one end and started to bite off the bone.

Anyway, the lamb was succulent but not the super soft, fork tender so it still retained the meat’s integrity. The tomato-based sauce had incredible depth of flavors and the gremolata added some brightness to this hearty, soulful dish.

When we asked for the check, we were given a small sweet treat of shards of bittersweet chocolate (my Weryoo photo). As usual, the food is amazing and the service was casual, friendly yet informed. I will always be a fan of this restaurant’s food.

To view more photos of these visit, please view the slideshow below (or CLICK HERE):

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54 E 1st Street (between 2nd & 1st Avenue)
New York, NY 10003
Phone:(212) 677-6221


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