Hario Sommelier Coffee Siphon & Largo Tea Dripper

Hario Sommelier Coffee Siphone (Model # SCA-5) Hario Sommelier Coffee Siphon (Model # SCA-5)
Hario Sommelier Coffee Siphon (Model # SCA-05)

Hario‘s recent coffee and teaware releases for the spring/summer season are the Sommelier Coffee Siphon (Model # SCA-05) and the Largo Tea Dripper.

The Sommelier siphon is very similar to the siphons you’re familiar with but this is so much sleeker, elegant, and less parts to build this unit, to brew your beloved coffee in this technique. For those who are picky about which filter to have in your siphon, it does include both a cloth and fine mesh metal filter. (The cloth would arguably be cleaner tasting and less potential of coffee grounds entering your brew; while the metal would make your cup of coffee tastes more true to form, as there won’t be anything to absorb the ground’s essential oils.) The Sommelier Siphon is priced at $259.99 on Amazon.com.

Hario Largo Tea Dripper, brewed Monkey Picked Oolong Tea
Hario Largo Tea Dripper

The Largo Tea Dripper is like an upside down teapot that is really meant to be suspended on either a coffee drip bar-like setting (or you can use the Hario’s glass serving pot, a heatproof or heat-safe glass pitcher – and set it on top). This tea dripper is pretty darn nifty that is very sleek that your brewed tea would be released at a press of a button. (Unfortunately, this is sold out internationally.)


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