Exterior of Mile End Sandwich Part of the sandwich menu
Exterior of Mile End Sandwich and their sandwich menu

Craving smoked meats encased between two slices of homemade rye bread or in an onion roll, my friends and I recently went to Mile End Deli Sandwich in NoHo for an early weekend lunch.

Mile End Deli Sandwich is an offshoot of their Jewish deli restaurant, Mile End Deli that is located in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. This shiny, minimalist looking sandwich shop isn’t what you’d expect for a Jewish deli or even a sandwich shop.

The first thing you’d see once you’ve entered this shop is the unusual, long, jagged wooden table that runs along the dining area that has several backless stools. It doesn’t call for hospitable grounds to linger. Even the seating situation is odd because of the strange angles the table juts out that you’re bound to be invading into someone else’s dining space or twisting your body to an odd way to talk to your friends.

Brussels Sprouts
Brussels sprouts

The plate of brussels sprouts ($9) was a good sized starter or side dish. Crunchy, sweet and bitter brussels sprouts coated in a viscous bacon vinaigrette, bolstered with radicchio, and crisp walnuts.

Smoked meat sandwich

Their signature sandwich is the smoked meat sandwich ($14) cured, smoked, tender flaky brisket, smeared with a touch of mustard on their homemade rye bread. It’s peppery than the average pastrami and it’s wonderful.

The Ruth Wilensky

The Ruth Wilensky ($8.50) reads like a humble sandwich of beef salami, mustard, and onion roll. However, it was unanimously loved by my friends and myself. Bold, beefy, garlicy flavors of the salami paired magnificently to the soft onion roll.

The Grandpa Deluxe with Smoked Meat Poutine
The Grandpa Smoked meat poutine
The Grandpa with Meat Poutine Deluxe

The Grandpa, a smoked turkey breast, rillette, pickles, and deli mustard ($12 sandwich only) is a slightly fancier version of the standard turkey sandwich. The rillettes make it a gamier but delicious addition.

I should note we did order the deluxe with the smoked meat poutine ($13 supplement). It comes with crisp sour dill pickles, a fountain beverage (friend opted iced tea) and a small order of the smoked meat poutine. This greasy, decadent gut bomb is delicious. The hot fries, squeaky cheese curds that’s melting into goo, smothered in gravy and topped with cubes of their smoked brisket. This is the ideal late night drinking food. (Except this shop opens and closes early).

Smoked lamb sausage with preserved lemon soda

The smoked lamb sausage ($12) stuffed with harissa slaw and eggplant was a tasty Tunisian inspired sandwich topped with crispy, wispy fried onions.

In all, it’s a good stop to have a well thought out, composed sandwich that is on the expensive side in terms of portion size but it is filling. I still find it strange that this place, located in the trendy, hip area of NoHo, I would imagine eating here after a long day’s night of drinking, but they close early – as in 5 PM early.

To view more photos of this meal, please view the slideshow below (or CLICK HERE for my photo set):

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Mile End Sandwich

53 Bond Street
New York, NY 10012
Telephone: (212) 529-2990
Hours: Daily, 9 AM to 5 PM


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