Four Seasons’ Taste Cocktail Party

Taste The Crowd

A few nights ago, I had the honor to be invited to Four Seasons‘ cocktail party launching their newest website Taste. Taste is essentially their platform to engage and inspire food connoisseurs like us with the luxurious hotel chain’s chefs and sommeliers’ of their recipes and inspirations.

Long Island Duck Pastrami, foie gras, whipped Jonah Gold Shinsu Apple Butter, Red Jacket Cider Noisette

If you take a look at my photos and read the descriptions of what’s been served to us, the menu’s muse is the apple but applied in different mediums like duck, venison, and pork. All were executed well but my favorites are highlighted on this post.

The Long Island duck pastrami, foie gras cube and whipped Jonah Gold Shinsu apple butter was delicious. The dense, slightly livery flavors of the foie gras surprisingly worked with the vibrant apple. I adored the crisp, wispy toasts that delicately held all of this together.

Beef Tartare with Oestra caviar, Apple Sorbet and Green Apple-Vanilla Vodka Shot

The beef tartare topped with Osetra caviar, apple sorbet and served with a side of apple-vanilla vodka shot was a cold dish that was both wonderful and get me in trouble. (The trouble being the vodka shot as it was delicious, not too sweet and easy to drink it all in while I’m wearing 4.5-inch heels.) The beef was served very cold and had great beef flavor, while the caviar added some delicate texture and the needed salt to balance out the tart-sweet flavors of the apple sorbet.

Grilled Venison in Apple Leaves with Heirloom Apple Fritter

Grilled venison in apple leaves, mushrooms, cranberries with heirloom apple fritter was a hearty dish that does suit the winter season. Perfectly tender and medium-rare slices of venison and the cranberries added a tartness to brighten up the dish.

Little Big Apple - Caramel mousse, crisp apples, apple chantilly topped with white chocolate apple bonbon

My favorite dessert was this adorable Little Big Apple. A caramel mousse cake with feuillatine, apple chantilly topped with white chocolate apple bonbon. One would have to eat the “apple” in one bite. This apple was made of a thin casing of white chocolate and filled with apple chantilly that would explode in your mouth. Then proceed by taking bites of the airy, cloud-like caramel mousse cake. It was heavenly.

To view more photos of this event, please view the slideshow below (or CLICK HERE for my photo set):

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Location of party:
Four Seasons New York
57 East 57th Street
New York, NY 10022 (Map)

Website of Taste: http://taste.fourseasons.com/


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