Chobani SoHo Cafe (NYC)

As of the past recent years, Greek yogurt is a food trend that can’t be ignored (at least in the U.S.). Beyond the healthy food trend, I adore Greek yogurt. It’s thick, creamy and subtly tart to make it interesting to eat alone – and it’s my daily weekday breakfast before I run out to work.

Chobani's Exterior Inside Chobani's kitchen: plating up the yogurt creations Interior of Chobani SoHo
Chobani SoHo Exterior, Inside the Kitchen and Interior

In New York City, Chobani SoHo opened ten days ago when I visited yesterday. This store is very streamlined and modern with its cube-like shape and the use of large glass windows but it feels warm and welcoming with the use of wood and there’s an open kitchen to take a peek how they’re building and topping your bowl of delicious yogurt.

Blueberry + Power
Plain Chobani + Cucumber Toasted pineapple + coconut
A few Chobani creations (shown: Blueberry + Power, Plain + Cucumber and Toasted pineapple + coconut) I’ve eaten at the shop

Chobani founder, Hamdi Ulukaya is Turkish which provides the Mediterranean flavor inspirations for the store’s yogurt creations. I was told that they change the most of the menu according to the seasons. Of the eight creations I’ve eaten (prices range from $2.75 (for plain), $3.50 – $3.75 for topped creations), the most interesting were the Plain Chobani + cucumber ($3.50) and toasted pineapple + coconut ($3.75). The former is one of the two savory options for their yogurt. The cubes of refreshing cucumber, sea salt, and sprinkled with fresh mint, served with pita chips. It made me think of a healthier version of chips and dip that I wouldn’t mind snacking on throughout the day. The latter was delicious, not too sweet, and I always like the combination of toasted coconut (this was unsweetened coconut flakes) and sweet pineapple.

Peanut butter+ jelly yogurt

There was an homage to the beloved American flavor combination peanut butter + jelly (seen above) made with creamy natural peanut butter, Concord grape jelly, sliced red grapes, and peanuts. I never really grew up with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as a kid so I never gotten accustomed to this flavor. That said, I was on the fence with this creation. While it does taste good, I could forgo the jam as I think it’s a bit too sweet to add on top of the very sweet fresh red grapes.

Chobani at home: Fig & Walnut and Pistachio + Chocolate yogurts

Even though I did try these at the shop, I did take home my two current favorite flavors: Fig + Walnut and Pistachio + Chocolate ($3.75 each). Fig and walnuts (Chobani yogurt topped with clover honey, Turkish dried figs, and walnuts) is a classic. Pistachio + Chocolate is a multi-dimensional sweet yogurt. The finely chopped dark chocolate provided enough sweetness for each bite, while the fresh orange and mint taken the flavors of chocolate and pistachio to new heights. This would be the dessert I wouldn’t mind eating everyday – and it’s actually good for me.

I can’t wait to stop by this shop again soon, as I could have something relatively quick, delicious and healthy as a meal or a snack.

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Chobani SoHo

Website: http://www.chobanisoho.com/
150 Prince Street (at W Broadway)
New York, NY 10012
Telephone: (646) 998-3800


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