Champagne & Sparkling Wines Gift Guide 2011

It is still difficult to wrap my head around that it’s rolling toward the end of the year very quickly. I would presume the general consensus would be the same, too.

To possibly make your life easier, I have created gift guides that hope to give you ideas as presents for friends or to your host/hostess who invited you to a holiday party or dinner. This particular guide – Champagnes and Sparkling wines – could make you look like a Champagne connoisseur or at least give a very good gift for someone who appreciates a good bottle of bubbly. I do admit, not everything from the Iron Horse Vineyards section is sparkling wine but might as well place everything from that winery as I do like their wines very much. At any rate, this is just a small selection of a very large pool of brands that are out on the market.

I have created the gift guides into an e-magazine format. Please click through the embedded window below or you may click on the link below to view this in a larger format (highly recommended on the latter). If you’re waiting for food-related ideas, please be stay tuned as I am rolling the guides out every couple of days or up to a week, depending upon my hectic schedule. Happy browsing!


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  1. Tom says:

    What an impressive spread!
    A new style in Food Blog with e-magazine format, I like your elegant and high tech design.
    You are leading a new trend!

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