Gourmet Attitude's Heavenly Truffles

Truffle products with Rémy Martin Louis XIII
Whole black Périgord truffles Truffle shavings
Truffle products with Rémy Martin Louis XIII (top photo), Whole black truffles (in a large jade artifact) with Rémy Martin Louis XIII (bottom left), and Truffle shavings (right)

Gourmet Attitude, an import/distributing company specializing on importing fresh truffles (as in the fungus, not the rolled chocolate confections dusted in cocoa powder), opened its doors in 2003 under the ownership of Céline Labaune. Over the years Ms. Labaune imports the finest fresh truffles from small producers in Europe. She distributes to the finest establishments throughout the country including French Laundry, Per Se, Daniel, Alinea, Masa, and so forth. They also have a Midtown office for clients, by appointment, and chefs who want to find out their latest stock.

Truffle Honey and La Tartufata
Truffle Honey and La Tartufata with a large slab of aged Emmenthaler

Since I’ve been looking for an amazing yet different birthday present for my mother, the whole Périgord black truffles (Tuber Melanosporum) are perfect for her. When I’ve showed her these truffles when she visited my home, she was astounded by the pristine quality of the whole Périgord black truffles and how intensely musky and amazing it smelled.

The plan for me with these truffles is to have a tasting dinner for my family in a fine-dining restaurant in New York City. It’s the only appropriate way, in my opinion, to have them to be trusted in better, competent hands than I.

As for the items that are more ready to eat, the truffle honey was divine when eaten with nutty or slightly tangy flavored cheeses (think a tangy goat cheese, Parmesan cheese, taleggio, etc.). It stands up to the sweet, musky flavor of the infused honey. The La Tartufata was simply tossed in tagliatelle pasta (only a teaspoon per serving, as this cream is concentrated), sprinkled with a touch of thyme and black pepper. The most decadent and effortless bowl of pasta I’ve made by far, as you don’t want to mask the flavor of the truffle.

As I plan for my family’s birthday and have yet to provide “food porn” for you, my readers, here’s some of my stylized photos of Gourmet Attitude’s beautiful truffles and truffle products. Please click through the slideshow and stay tuned in the near future for a Part 2 of this truffle story:

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Gourmet Attitude

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