Another Giveaway! Want to See Human Nature in Atlantic City, NJ? – CONTEST OVER

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I came back from my Atlantic City, NJ trip with Forcast Tour yesterday and had a fun yet busy time with eating, drinking (lots of this), and shooting schedule.

I won a raffle - A pair of tickets to see "Human Nature" at Caesar's Palace, Atlantic City I won?!

I will get into the details of everything on the next post but I want to do this giveaway from a raffle I won from my Spiked Lunch event (you view my photos for a preview). I attend this event for food, not the raffles (I usually don’t win anything from these contests/raffles so I cared less). While I was enjoying my crab risotto, they called out my number and I won a pair of tickets to see Human Nature at Caesar’s Palace in Atlantic City (click here for the show info)?! As cool as it was that I won something, the show is held at a future date, Monday, August 15th and I will not be around Atlantic City that time, hence me giving these tickets away – and this is not Ford-affiliated. The tickets indicate that seating at Lower Section 1 (it’s right next to the stage), retail value approximately $90 for both tickets.

How you can win

I’m guessing you’re reading this part because (1) you are a fan of this Australian group (if you don’t know them but want to know who they are, here’s their site) and (2) you are going to be in the Atlantic City area.

You can score this pair of tickets by commenting below with your full name and when you fill out the comment form, an email address that you will be able to respond to OR on Twitter please tweet the following:

@twanderingeater I want to see Human Nature in AC!


This contest will end by Thursday, August 4th at 3 PM. A random winner will be selected and I will email you to ask for a mailing address so you get your tickets and enjoy your evening out in Atlantic City with your friend or significant other.

Again, this contest is just for the pair of tickets to this show. Nothing else beyond that.

Good luck!



A reader, Mr. C, emailed me for the tickets. Congratulations to him for winning! I’ll be emailing you soon for the details.


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